Monday, 21 March 2011

spring is here!

Today's post is inspired by my two daughters. Yesterday evening they rearranged their clothes without me telling them to do so and while they were at it they told me that tomorrow (today) was the first official day of spring. They said it was time to dress accordingly! (I'm not complaining, I'm all for it!) So this morning I was a bit curious to see which colours they'd choose. One chose a soft pink jumper and the other one a light plum dress, which I loved.

I knew I would find something like that in my inspiration folder and voilà!

photo credit:
top-left (designer Steven Gambrel): William Waldron for ELLE DECOR
top-right (designer Suzanne Kasler): William Waldron for ELLE DECOR
bottom: Édith Andréotta for Art & Décoration


  1. Your little girls sound adorable! Love the plum! xo

  2. How sweet! I would love to incorporate both colors in my wardrobe somehow. Happy spring! Ada

  3. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. 2nd and 3rd pic are so CHIC! I love that artwork in the 2nd image. Your daughters also have style! haha. Nice first spring day!

  4. Sounds like your girlies have good taste! Lovely images too :)

  5. Oh that bedroom is just perfection <3

  6. What an adorable, mature and stylish idea of your girls;) Those William Waldron designs are so charming, I love them both very much. And the plum colored linen and bed looks like I want to dive into it right now, hoping it make's a crispy sound.

  7. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
    You have such amazing taste my friend!

  8. ooh I love that pink color there on the walls, so gorgeous! :)

  9. I love the photos! I can't stop lookin gon the pink room.


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