Friday, 29 April 2011

café wattman on will & kate's day

Since I wasn't invited to Will & Kate's wedding (no hard feelings) there was only one thing to do: Go to one of my favourite cafés in Antwerp, Café Wattman in old Berchem. Their hamburgers are the best in this city and the meat is organic. The café is located at Tramplein 3, which is at the end of the famous Cogels-Osy lei street (Zurenborg).

By the way, how gorgeous was Kate's wedding dress? I think Sarah Burton did a great job. I hope Alexander McQueen was able to see the glory, wherever he is resting in peace.

I grabbed the camera with me for you guys.

photo credit: LatteLisa


  1. Oh, the food looks delicious! I love seeing where people live... thanks for a peek into your world. Don't feel bad, I didn't get invited to the royal wedding either. xo

  2. I wish I could've joined you. :) It looks wonderful! I loved Kate's dress. She couldn't have made a better choice than McQueen. A wedding dress made for a princess. Have a great weekend, Lisa! xo

  3. OMG can't wait until August to get a bite of that burger!

  4. The burgers are worthy of a royal wedding !!!!!! Yes, the dress was wonderful! In France too, I think many people watched this beautiful day!
    But ... I could not go there, I worked .... Ohhhh

  5. Hahaha, your guess is as good as mine!

    And the SCARY part is that the company that offers to do it for only 7000 actually seems like the most serious and professional one...

    Enjoy your weekend and that burger looks yummy :)

  6. What a beautiful place! Really looks happy springy over there! Wishing you a lovely weekend!

  7. This place looks delightful and the food delicious! Thanks for sharing the photos Lisa.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  8. What a beautiful place, Lisa!
    The kind of cafè I like.....look at these burgers...oooh! :))

    Well, at the end of May, I start my journey to Brügge and I´m really excited what I will discover...

    Beate ♥

  9. that looks like a great place! yum

  10. Beautiful photo's Lisa!! I've been there too last year, the buildings are absolutely gorgeous.
    You probably already know I find Kate's dress PERFECT. Loved everything about it, so so gorgeous. Still looking at photo's after two days, how insane am I haha. Enjoy your Dutch Sunday;)

  11. Really great place, the food looks delicious and the photo from inside says that it is lovely place to stop and take a sip of the coffee:)
    Yes, a wedding dress was gorgeous, I loved the long sleeves and the long elegant veil...
    have a good day!


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