Saturday, 23 April 2011

good friday

Don't worry I'm not turning religious on you but when I was growing up (do I sound like eighty!) Good Friday was the most boring day of the year. Everything was closed and it was like you weren't allowed to do anything. In Iceland, where I grew up, the day is called long Friday and believe me, it was loooooooong. Well, my parents gave us religious freedom and never forced us to go to church (thank you mom and dad) but the mood of that day was somehow forced upon you by society. I remember a poem called Good Friday by a girl in my school (I didn't know her so I can't remember her name), a very short poem that read something like:

Even the angels dragged their wings behind. 

To me, that was sheer brilliance and caught the mood perfectly. My hubby, who is older than I am, says Good Friday was even more boring when he was growing up; in fact, he remembers it as a day of pure agony. We were talking about this yesterday when we came back home from a little shopping trip (he even went to work yesterday) because he hadn't even realized that it was Good Friday. In Belgium it's not an official holiday so people simply go about their day as any other. I have to add that I'm religious but I'm not a fan of organized religion. You'll only see me in church when I'm invited to a wedding or something. But I admit that when I was shopping yesterday, the first time in my life I do so on Good Friday, I felt a little guilty. I believe Jesus existed but – I hope I'm not offending anyone when I say this – I'd like to hear the authentic version of his life story. So, here is my tribute to Jesus, the live version of Gethsemane, performed by Steve Balsamo, who has a voice that shakes the very core of my

I hope you are enjoying wonderful Easter!

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  1. Such lovely spring images :)

  2. Long Friday, how funny! I always liked Good Friday because it meant the day off from school.

    Love those cherry blossoms!


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