Thursday, 28 April 2011

lovely things

This day started really well but then it turned into one of those crazy days where I find myself running between places trying to make it on time and not making it on time. It was so nice to come home to this baby; the latte bowl of my life.

Well, before I went out this morning I got a package from Denmark, from the Vintage Kompagniet, which I told you about in this post. I'm now the happy owner of a few really cute things so the day wasn't all that bad.

So, how was yours?

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. I love that: "the latte bowl of my life." So good! I want to be sipping a latte out of that thing!

  2. Love your latte bowl. It really is the little things in life that make us happy, isn't it?

    My day has consisted of paper writing, and more writing, and more writing. And this is how my days will go until May 7 when I will be blessedly done with the semester and on my summer break :)

  3. yay latte bowl! ugh to those days where you're running around late everywhere. that is the story of my life, and it's so stressful! something happened somewhere in my childhood that makes me perpetually late. even if i have enough (plenty of) time, i somehow make myself late anyway--ever since i was a kid... whaddup?

    also, i love buena vista social club :)

  4. spring has finally arrived here, as you well noticed ;), the sunshine and warm weather always do wonders with me. Lisa, whenever I see your decor and home design posts I always seem to lack something in the homewear department. :)

  5. Awh I've been having one of those weeks. Luckily you have that lovely bowl to brighten things up. It's beautiful :)

  6. thank you ladies, I think my latte bowl is feeling extra special today ;-)

  7. love your bowl,Lisa!! my days is just starting but I'm sure it will be fab!!


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