Monday, 18 April 2011

notting hill charm

Anyone interested in living in Notting Hill? If someone offered me a home as charming as this one
I definitely wouldn't say no. It's such a beautiful and bright space. And how cute is that red door?

I hope you have a wonderful Easter week ahead!

photo credit: Marie Claire Maison


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous Lisa!!

  2. What a gorgeous space! The white bathroom looks especially charming - love the tile work :)

    Hugs xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink

  3. Sure, I'll live there! :) I have always wanted to visit - it seems so charming!

  4. Oh I would start packing righ away if you handed over this place!


  5. Coincidentally I looked at exactly this house at the Marie Claire Maison site today as well! I would definitely not say no to living there, I love the exterior and interior space and the kitchen. The living room furniture a little less, but that doesn't matter;)

  6. Lisa, how nice of you to feature my tiny little flat in Notting Hill. I'll send some photos of my other two properties in Paris and Portugal, as well ;)

    I WISH!

    Gorgeous place. I think just the idea of living in Notting Hills is seductive.

  7. Anait, I'm waiting for the photos you promised from Paris and Portugal! ;-)

    Christel, I agree with you on the furniture in the living room but I like the space itself, the window and floor material and also the rug.

  8. How charming! I definitely would not turn that down. The door is fabulous! Have a lovely week :)

  9. oh yes on that red door! and i love that (non)leaning tower of books! do you think they are glued together?

  10. When can I move in? Just when seeing the exterior alone and I was captivated. :)


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