Sunday, 10 April 2011

reading nook

I wouldn't mind having a reading nook in my home that looked exactly like this inviting space – oh my, silk curtains! How wonderful it would be to spend a few hours there  with a good book and latte, and perhaps a little chocolate too.

We are enjoying another wonderful sunny day with at least 20°C. I'm picturing myself reading a book in the Park while the children play. For dinner I've promised them to make lasagne and with it hubby and I will enjoy red wine from Corsica, which we recently tasted and absolutely love.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

photo credit: Édith Andréotta for Art & Décoration


  1. I would NOT mind a reading nook either! In fact - I hope we can fit one in to our new flat up North :)
    Enjoy the amazing spring weather Lisa!

  2. Uhhh yeah - but I think I would have problems reading my book - because I couln't get my eyes from the view - what a wonderful old tree outside ;o)
    Sounds nice with lasagna and wine - enjoy a sunny day and life ;o)
    Hugs Tina

  3. I think that would be my favourite spot in the house. Have a lovely Sunday, Lisa!

  4. Loving this space. Beautiful neutral colour palette, stunning window details and a very elegant tea setting. I could definitely make myself comfortable in this little nook.

    Enjoy your spring weather.x

  5. like this mood!!
    And I read your comment to my lovely friend Signe about a Chanel nail polish...I guess it's the same that I use to adore!!!!
    Love your blog...

  6. I just have a feeling you make a verrry good lasagne...mail me some, yes?

    Love that reading nook! Love ANY reading nook, but that one is especially inviting!

  7. Oh, what a lovely day! The park, lasagne, wine... pretty good combo! :)

  8. Sounds like the most perfect day to me! Might we switch weather, though? It's about 6 degrees and rainy here *wink* Such a pretty image, too.


  9. wonderful room...I could never have cutrains like those. I can see my cats climbing all the way up to the top!
    Mhhmm, lasagna. It's been ages since I last ate some.

  10. What a lovely nook ♥
    And 20°C! Hooray ! Gotta love that sun ♥

  11. Oh it looks just perfect! Opening a window, hearing birds sing, enjoying something warm and closing my eyes... yes I'm there ;)

  12. i'm in love with these silk curtains. they really glam up a room!

    hope you're having a lovely day Lisa!

  13. I love reading nook and this is gorgeous. i understand you are captured by this one. It would be wonderful having one also at my home. Perfect for relaxing!