Friday, 1 April 2011

the right attitude

I found this image on Pinterest yesterday and it just cracked me up. It's from the Marysia summer
2009 collection and in my opinion the styling is perfect – look at the hair! That little girl's attitude
and body language is amazing; what a priceless look. And when I thought this photo couldn't
get any better I noticed the takeaway coffee cup.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!

photo via zinke design


  1. Haha! That young lady's got quite the attitude! Although she does have on a pretty rugged pair of sandals, lol!

  2. Adorable! That's a little girl with an attitude! Some have it, some don't. :) Have a great weekend, Lisa! Ada

  3. This is amazing! :D I really love her facial expression... those shades, haha! Great picture!

  4. That is me at age 5! I remembered the coffe that time.

  5. HA - amazing photo! Happy weekend to you, Lisa!

  6. Hehe, so fun! And enjoy your weekend :)

  7. :) Her body language is fabulous and the sunglasses can't be missed in this styling!


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