Friday, 15 April 2011

scandinavian influence

For some time I have kept these beach house images in my folder and now that spring has arrived they simply look more appealing to me (well, I posted the bedroom here). The house is situated on Shelter Island, NY, built under Scandinavian influence around 1980. When the new owners bought it, it looked rather gloomy with dark stained walls. To give the house a lighter appearance they sanded the walls and then painted them with a diluted grayish-white wash made from leftovers. Click on the link below to view a few more images by photographer Ditte Isager. 

photo credit: Ditte Isager for House Beautiful


  1. A dreamhouse for me!Ditte Isager`s work is always a pleasure to it.
    Happy sunny weekend, Lisa!

    Beate :) XX

  2. I love the photography of Ditte Isager. And this house looks amazing, so cozy and welcoming. have a lovely weekend, Lisa!

  3. I saw the house in a magazine and it's really nice: simple and full of good taste.
    happy weekend¡¡

  4. ooh, it looks so cozy and lived in. it's nice when places aren't too perfect. i like it!

  5. As usual so nice pictures - and Scandinavian - yes indeed ;o)
    Wish you a pretty easter ;o)

  6. our idea of a perfect countryhouse, so lovely!

  7. Absolutely adore this home, it does not get much better than this and it ecen has ocean view. *Swoon*


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