Sunday, 3 April 2011

sunday greeting

I'm busy in the kitchen so I just wanted to say to you all:

Have a wonderful Sunday!

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. Beautiful week to you!


  2. What a beautiful way to say hello!

  3. Oh wow, stunning photo!! Hope you had a lovely and delicious weekend.

  4. Wonderful springtime image, Lisa! I bet you made some delicious things in your kitchen... :))
    Today I´m a bit tired from the weekend (thank you very much for your lovely note to my parents anniversary!)
    Beate :)

  5. Hi Lisa!
    I,ve got now a gorgeous Nikon D7000 with 3 amazing new lenses...still trying to learn to use it as I have 20 years with a Canon wont take long and I will be posting pictures taking with it!
    Why this one and not a D700? Because the price,specs and weight of this one is just perfect for me...why a full frame when all I need can be done with this one?
    Any way,I will be in Dubai for at least another full,long,boring year! Bummer!
    Love your pictures Lisa, Nikon?


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