Saturday, 16 April 2011

winberg in fendi

How gorgeous is that Fendi dress, worn here by model Caroline Winberg? This editorial in the May
2011 issue of Marie Claire UK is definitely one of my favourites this season, shot by photographer
Frédéric Pinet. You'll find more photos here but I had to include the other one because I've been in
love with that Chanel blouse since I saw it on the runway last autumn.

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Saturday!

photo credit: Frédéric Pinet for Marie Claire UK


  1. Donno if I like the shape but the color of that dress is absolutely amazing :)

  2. that dress does have such an unusual shape - but it's also so simple at the same time. and love the florals!

  3. That dress! I've saved it in my files, the colour is gorgeous! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, Lisa. :)

  4. The dress is somewhere described being turquoise but the images I've seen of it all have a different shade of green and I simply love it!


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