Monday, 30 May 2011

balcony flowers

The other day we were driving when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw something red and when I turned to look I saw a long balcony lined with red roses in ceramic vases. The building wasn't anything special, but that particular balcony completely changed the way one perceived it. I almost wanted to ring the bell and ask what's with all the red roses? Our downstairs neighbour has filled the front of her balcony with various types of flowers and it looks beautiful. Ours is still looking a bit bare but I've got big flower plans. Below are a few photos from my balcony flowers folder.

Today I'm a guest blogger at a measure of... with a five-word memoir. It's the blog of the lovely Heather who lived in Chile when I started following her last year but has now moved back to the USA with her husband and given birth to a baby boy, Rowan. Heather is a wonderful writer who isn't afraid to open her heart and if you haven't added her blog to your daily must-reads I recommend you do so.

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday!

photo credit:
top-left: Martin Stringer on Flickr
top-right: Pierre at Venice Daily Photo
bottom-left: LatteLisa*
bottom-right: White Gables Pavilions

* photo taken in the town of Steenbergen, The Netherlands


  1. they make a tremendous difference don't they? we have several ugly old buildings in town here that display balcony flowers and it redeems them quite a bit.

  2. The pink flowers looks so great!
    Wish you a happy week,

  3. What a lovely town it must be the one you took your photo in, Lisa. My balcony needs a little work on the flower part.:) Hope you have a wonderful week! :) Off to see your guest post.

  4. Oh I love window/balcony flowers. I was never much of a backyard garden girl, but I've always wanted a balcony with trailing flowers. Glad you (and your friend) are enjoying the books :) My mouth waters each time I scroll through he babycakes one. well...and the paris one, as well ;) Happy Monday!

  5. One of my favorite photo's from my holiday in the Provence last summer was from the cutest balcony! Love the flowers on it. My neighbour below also has her entire balcony filled with flowers.

  6. it is true that such a nice arrangement of flowers is really impressive :)

  7. Super beautiful! I'd love to have a gorgeous balcony like these :)

  8. I grew up in Athens, Greece. In the centrum of the city. My mom had a big veranda full of flowers, lemon and olive trees ( in pots!), and of course all birds and bees came for a visit... it makes a big difference in ones life quality ...

  9. Hello Lisa.
    flowers are always welcome and cheer our lives.


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