Thursday, 12 May 2011


This is actually a guest post by my almost six-year old who chose the images and came up with the title. He even said the word dreamland in English when I told him that his post had to have a title. I have to say that I'm impressed. It was funny watching his reaction when going through my ideas folder; he knew exactly which photographs he wanted to use and they're all from Country Living, taken by three different photographers.

Finally, an important message from my son to you all: Dreamland means a land of dreams and go buy a new sofa.

You heard him people, go buy a new sofa!

photo credit:
top-left: Robin Stubbert for Country Living
top-right: Wendell T. Webber for Country Living
bottom: Aimee Herring for Country Living


  1. How sweet, Lisa! Your words made me smile. And the photos sure feel like a depiction from a dreamland. Have a beautiful day! :) Ada

  2. This was so cute :) Nice choices by your son! Dreamland, indeed.

  3. Just the excuse I needed to buy a new sofa. Such a cute post. You son has very good taste and has chosen such happy feeling images. x

  4. Hello Lisa
    he choose well....these images really makes me dream

  5. what a superb title. the choices are tranquil, not a bad state of mind... my child needs a little more of that, lol

  6. Okay, Lisa! I buy a new sofa! :))
    And this sofa should be in a house with the beautiful furniture you`ve shown above. And I wouldn`t mind to have a horse in front of my garden...and a breathtaking view over the land.

    ...I go on dreaming... Hugs, Beate

  7. Oh what a divine blog!!! I have just found you and am now a new happy follower! Warmest Spring Wishes from England - Glenda

  8. Oh, He is so clever and has a very good taste. i agree with you, the images are beautiful and the light is so

  9. hihihi so clever :)
    did u buy a new sofa?

  10. lol! well we do need a sofabed for when my brother comes to visit... i like the dreaminess here!

  11. Well, our sofa is almost new so we definitely don't need a new one. I asked him why he was telling people to go buy a new sofa and the answer I got was basically 'just because' ;-)

  12. WOW I have to say the boy has talent!! Pictures are very good and in harmony with each other!!

    I love his Dreamland idea :-)

    I really like your blog and I am a new follower ;-)

  13. love, want to be there now! So over the city living lately x


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