Tuesday, 17 May 2011

home of an artist

Imagine being an artist and living in a place like this one! German artist Katrin Arens turned this
ancient nunnery into a home and a studio. It's located in the Italian region of Lombardy, by the
river Adda, not so far from Milan. I love the white, crisp and raw look.

I think it's best to let the photos do all the talking (I left one out so click the link below if you
want to see it and read the article in French).

photo credit: Maire Claire Maison


  1. Love the tranquility and the pure style in all these rooms!What a beautiful home and surrounding!!!Now I know where some of the pictures come from (I´ve seen two or three on tumblr.com).Thank you, Lisa! :)
    A german artist? Well...my eye catched the very large wool on the first image!I would love to work with it...*sigh*
    But who in the whole wide world is selling this? I don`t know.

    Best post of the day, Lisa!I`m gonna go googling who Mrs. Arens is....Beate ♥

  2. What a dream place!!! Wishing for days there!! Ahhh!

  3. This is truly perfect :)

  4. being from Milan, I knew her already because when she put up her home she was on every italian magazine. Her house is lovely and so is the location.

  5. What divine surroundings! Nothing enhances more the unique beauty of rustic interiors than white walls.

  6. What a beautiful place! I'd love to live there! Lovely blog. Following you. Follow me if u like what u see. Shortly, I'll be writing in english too. Cheers from Spain!

  7. wow, amazing place! A place of my dream house:)
    love white walls and tables, they are gorgeous!

  8. Dreamy whites and wood! real natural plain wood... LOVE IT

  9. oh wow. seriously...green with envy right now! Love the rustic meets white thing she's got goin' on - and how cool/fitting is that giant ball of yarn? Great post!

  10. What a dream place!!! Wishing it was mine...;)

  11. Hello Lisa.
    Uau...Wonderful place...beautiful things...I love all.

  12. oh but it's just glorious! i love all the white light space!


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