Monday, 2 May 2011

introducing cafesigrun

screenshot: CafeSigrun
I'm feeling so excited because it feels like I have been waiting forever to write this post. In 2006 I found my foodie friend Sigrun (she's Icelandic too). Over time our friendship has grown so I'd like to call her my foodie soulmate. She lives in London and we email back and forth all the time, share recipes, photos, etc. For 8 years she has been posting recipes on her website, CafeSigrun, where you can find over 500 healthy recipes that contain no butter, white flour or yeast. I'm so proud to tell you that yesterday she launched the English version:  

She and her husband have put so much work into the design of the website and what's so wonderful about it is that you can collect your favourite recipes in one place and if you have a food allergy you can search for recipes that contain no gluten, nuts, eggs, etc. It also contains information about healthy ingredients and so much more.

Sigrun has created many wonderful recipes and one of her favourite challenges is taking unhealthy
recipes and turning them into healthy ones. My all time favourite recipe is her pecan pie, which I've
already shared with you in this post. She has spent much time in East Africa so you'll find many
recipes under its influence. In fact, the first recipe I made from her website was a Kenyan vegetable
stew called Kitheri and I was hooked. 

I hope you take a look and share the love. I promise you won't feel disappointed if you care about
what you make in your kitchen.


  1. This is great news! A project worth mentioning. I'm all for healthy eating and preparing your own food with natural ingredients. I think I'll stop by now and take notes. Have a great week, Lisa! Ada

  2. Lisa this website is fabulous!!!!! you are so right!!!
    I will be reading it lots!

  3. i will check the site and hope i 'll find a good recipe for this week
    i made this evening a pizza with my son (4 1/2) and it's always a pleasure to do it together
    and with no butter, oil & co. !!!!!! great !!

  4. I'm off ..... to Sigruns blog bye bye ;o))
    Greetings Tina

  5. Lisa,

    Thanks for the link. I am also very interested in healthy eating and will be sure to make my way through these recipes. x

  6. Great news! I just looked at her website and it looks delicious. I think it's great she adjusts less healthy recipes into more healthy ones. Going to take a longer look soon and saving me some favorites to make myself.

  7. great pics! Just found your blog and löove it! hughs Anja

  8. This is so great!! And just in mother is allergic to all dairy products, and I was looking for recipes to bake her something for Mothers Day :)


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