Saturday, 14 May 2011

joanna henderson

photo credit: Joanna Henderson

Some time ago I found the website of photographer Joanna Henderson and to my wonderful surprise
I realized that a kitchen photo I had posted in February, without finding the source, belonged to her.
I contacted her right away and she gave me permission to keep that photo on my blog and post a few

I'm not pretending to be an authority on photography but I know when I see beautiful photos. There
is something about the lighting in Joanna Henderson's photos that I absolutely love and I find myself
drawn to the beautiful interiors she has photographed. I have to add that it wasn't easy choosing
which photos to use in this post so I hope you visit her website to view her work.

I'm off to Lake Genval to enjoy a lazy Saturday. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow, what a beautiful home! I love every detail!

  2. I totally want that tufted sofa! Have a great weekend at the lake, Lisa. xo

  3. Such a beautiful interior in the first photo. I would love to have a place like that in my home. I like the idea of the painting propped up against the wall. Hope you have a beautiful day, Lisa. :)

  4. These are some amazing images indeed, will go look up more of her work :)

  5. *Swoon*
    What a dream house :D

  6. Wow, what a beautiful home! I love every detail Lisa!!!

  7. there's just something so perfect about such sunlit rooms. wishing for that over here! not that i have that wonderful decor in place yet....

  8. That sofa is incredible as is the living room. What beautiful work. I'm off to check out more :)

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Lisa! xo

  9. Beautiful pictures! I love the one with the dress... I do like the dress too ; )


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