Thursday, 5 May 2011

love astrid lindgren

If I have managed to brighten up even one gloomy childhood – then I’m satisfied.
Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002)        

I was about to create a post on summery home decor when the mailman rang the bell with a package from Iceland containing Astrid Lindgren books (to me this is like finding a chest of gold). It was from the brother of one of my best friends, a thank-you present for a small project I helped him with and since I was unable to put a price on my work I simply told him to let the children benefit. He couldn't have chosen better books because we didn't own the three he sent.

Did you guys grow up with Astrid Lindgren?

photo credit: LatteLisa

For those who don't know, Astrid Lindgren was a Swedish author and screenwriter who created so many wonderful characters for children of all ages to enjoy: Pippi Longstocking, the Brothers Lionheart, the children in Bullerby, Mardie, Mio, Emil in Lönneberga, Lotta, Karlsson on the Roof, Ronia the Robber's Daughter and many more.

My children love her stories and it's on my agenda to collect them all. I think that of all the birthday presents my hubby has given me, The Brothers Lionsheart hardcover is the one I've cherished the most. Our youngest daughter has already read it 21 times and believe me, it's getting worn.

Promise me, those of you who have children, to introduce them to the wonderful world of Astrid Lindgren. I know what I'll be reading for mine this evening before they go to bed.


  1. Yes, I grow up with Astrid Lindgren too!
    And I love Pippi, Michel and Karlsson!And my two daughter are "Fans" from her too :-)!
    Have a nice day,

  2. I didn't really grow up with her, only vaguely touching Pippi Longstocking. I didn't know of her other works at all. So thanks for sharing. My girl is 3 and a bookworm like her mama, so I'm always on the lookout for the good reads.

  3. only Pipi Langstumpf when i was au-pair in Germany
    but it's a good idea for my son !!
    he's captivated by every single book !!

  4. I love Astrid Lindgren. My Husband and I visited the museum in Stockholm with her Pippi's house and I took photos of myself everywhere in it. And just yesterday, I borrowed some PIppi DVD's from my friend, although it was in Italian and I couldn't understand much, I still loved watching it. I grew up with it!. So much fun! It's amazing the coincidence in life.

    p.s. thanks for your well wishes Lisa! I'm having two giveaways this week. Come by. xo

  5. I did notice you are an Icelander : ) I am a Greek living in Norway and although I grew up in Greece I grew up with Pippi! Still loving her- still trying to become her ; )

  6. hi lisa, no i was not introduced to astrid's work before now. i have made a SOLID note to check out these books. are they only available online? where would i find them in the US? x

  7. I'm not very familiar with her work, but you've made me curious. My best friend's little girl's birthday is coming up soon and this will make a great gift. Thank you, Lisa. :) Ada

  8. Åh yes - real classics - and congratulations with them. I have read many of them myself when I was a little girl and now I'm reading them for my children - Bulderby is my daughters favorite and Karlsson is my youngest sons favorite - my 12-year old boy is too grown up for those ;o)
    But lovely stories with lots of space for your imagination ;o)
    Have a lovely Lindgren weekend ;o)

  9. Pippi Calzelunghe...!!!
    She was the lovely heroine of my childhood dreams
    ...and she still lives on my little daughter ones...



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