Thursday, 26 May 2011

picnic in the park

Do you know the feeling after cleaning the bathroom so thoroughly that you're almost afraid of using the shining sink? I'm talking about you-can-see-your-reflection-in-the-porcelain clean! With Adele in my ears I did just that and now I'm rewarding myself with blogging.

I neglected you guys yesterday and went picnicking with friends in the Park Spoor Noord, in the north part of Antwerp. The schools finish early on Wednesdays so it's perfect to spend sunny days like that, allowing the children to play and have fun. In fact, we had such a wonderful time that I completely forgot to take photos!

The picnic-planner stuck the Icelandic flag into the ground so we could easily find her. When everyone had showed up we didn't remove the flag so I wondered whether the people around us were thinking with contempt look at these Icelanders marking their territory everywhere or if they were simply thinking my god, these people can eat! Well, there were some Belgians in the group so they had their share of the food.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

photo credit: 
top: Lisbeth Dahl
bottom: from Set with Style by Caroline Clifton-Mogg,
photograph by Simon Upton via {this is glamorous}


  1. These images are just stunning. A picnic w/ friends sounds perfect & so much better than cleaning bathrooms! I like to crank Adele when I clean too, it makes cleaning easier. xo

  2. A picnic in the middle of the week sounds like a heavenly break from the routine. :)

  3. Ah it sounds like a lovely afternoon! How beautiful is that second setting?!

  4. a picnic that you so deserved!! xx

  5. Picnicking is totallt a viable excuse for slacking! So is moving I hope...


  6. Everybody loves a picnic! - I think people passing by was just unbeliveably jealous .... : )

  7. I MUST have that picnic basket. Sounds like a great time :) And after I wash the floors downstairs and the bathroom, NO ONE is allowed there for at least a half hour so I can enjoy the cleanliness before it is destroyed within a matter of minutes ;)

  8. hahaha, this is quite the reward! it's midnight, and i'm supposed to be working... errrr


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