Friday, 27 May 2011

romantic friday

It's a cloudy day with light rain in Antwerp, the perfect excuse for daydreaming, reading, listening to music, baking a French chocolate cake and pretending to be at a Paris café while enjoying it.

Work is so overrated.

Wishing you all a romantic Friday!

photo credit:
top-left: Prue Ruscoe | stylist Lara Hutton for Country Style (AUS)
top-right: Karin A ~ on Flickr
bottom-left (words A.A. Milne): unknown source
bottom-right: unknown source
(with a little help from Pinterest)

YouTube: Bernadette Peters live / I'll Be Seeing You
 music Sammy Fain / lyrics Irving Kahal


  1. It's sunny and warm here, so I can not wait to finish work and spend the rest of the day outdoors.Enjoy your day and chocolate cake (I'm off to see the recipe). ;) ps: last evening I baked some biscotti, they are becoming a weekly treat. :)

  2. That dress is gorgeous! Also here is raining since last night :-( hope the weekend will be sunny and can take sun. have a wonderful weekend Lisa.

  3. Hello Lisa would be the perfect friday.

  4. It`t rainy and cloudy here too... ( near Oslo )
    Lovely post- and the quote from Winni The Pooh... So cute. So true : )

  5. Hmmm, yes doing this kind of stuff is just perfect. Work is SO overrated;) Although I finally got some work done this morning. Baking your biscotti tomorrow! Hope you have wonderful day with at least one long ray of sun.

  6. Oh my gosh! That sounds like the best plan ever! It's raining and miserable here in London and I can't seem to motivate myself! Great post!

  7. Wow, I´m in love with this dress! What a gorgeous color!
    We have the same weahter here, it´s cold and rainy!
    Have a happy weekend,

  8. Lovely post, musisc and colors.

    Happy weekend¡¡¡


  9. it sure is romantic!!! i love that little piglet quote :) put a smile on my face!

  10. Oh that's so pretty!!! I adore the Piglet and Pooh quote! Hugs from England - Glenda xxx


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