Tuesday, 24 May 2011

volkstraat charm II

It seems like Volkstraat, which is an old cobblestone street, charmed you guys yesterday so why not go there again. Next to Caffé Internazionale – and no, I do not get a free latte for mentioning them – is an organic bakery, de Biologisch-Dynamische Bakkerij (just go ahead and pronounce it anyway you want, no one will blame you). I don't know how to describe it but entering is sort of like stepping into another world; it has an old charm to it and everything looks so yummy. The friendly staff is a bonus.

I hope to see you in Antwerp one day! 

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. Oh,Lisa...you got me, again!!! ;))
    I love these old style bakerys or shops. They got so much charm and *biologisch-dynamisch* (well...biological-dynamical) is written very, very german!What a beautiful place....

    On sunday our vacation starts to Brügge...hope to see such fine bakerys, too (my poor hips....)! ;)

    And I connected the female german artist of which you made a post of these days, because of the giant wool I`ve seen on one of her photos.
    I was asking her where I could get this from.
    And she told me, I can buy it from her!And it is not as expensive as I thought....so, thank you Lisa for posting it!

    This is what I love on Blogger, you can learn and get to know new things very quickly...sun shiny greetings!
    Beate :)

  2. It looks so charming and delicious! I love the glass pots, maybe I should remember to do that myself too. I'm getting hungry for a treat while seeing this.

  3. I love this kind of place and I love the chocolate cake too...

  4. ...mikið væri ég til í eplaköku og einn kaffi, og sitja úti í sólinni takk!!
    eigðu góðan dag í dag Lísa.
    kv au

  5. I hope to see you in Antwerp one day too!

  6. wonderful!

    those CAAAAKES!!!!!! Antwerp is officially on the must visit list.

  7. Lovely photos, would also love to visit one day :)

  8. A charm that this store!

  9. Ohhh yes - those cakes could get me to Antwerp at once ;o) I miss a bakery like that near our house - but anyway - maybe not - my figure wouldn't like it ;o) ha ha ;o))
    Hope everything is OK with you - and that you'll have a nice weekend ;o)


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