Thursday, 2 June 2011

8 things

This post is written to lessen my guilty conscience. There are all sorts of awards passing between bloggers and I've never blogged about them. I've simply said thank you to all those who have given my blog an award and told them that I do appreciate it. I have to admit that I haven't kept track of these awards; for me it's enough to have increasing visits on my blog and seeing people leaving comments. Maybe it sounds like a cliché but to me that's the best award.

Some time ago Tina at Vintage-kompagniets blog wrote a post called '8 things you didn't know' and tagged me in it. Tina's blog is in Danish but she includes wonderful vintage photos. And don't get me started on her online vintage shop, Vintage Kompagniet, oh my, it's a heaven for vintage lovers! Anyway, I promised her that I'd work on that list.

Yesterday when one of my favourite bloggers Ada at bestowed on me no less than three awards I felt so guilty that I thought to myself that now it was time to write a different post. Ada's blog is one of those I read daily. She has an amazing eye for fashion photography and she writes gorgeous posts on old films, the Hollywood classics, etc. She's also a book lover, hence a contributor to my Amazon wish list.

I'm sticking to my principles and not passing on any of the awards (how on earth does one choose between all those fabulous bloggers out there?!!) but to play along I'm telling you 7 things about me and adding one more to finish the list I promised Tina. Well, I have already made a list of 10 things so check it out if you want to know more about me. The fact that I'm a latte lover won't be included in this list; I think that fact is pretty much established.

Here are my 8 items in random order:

homemade pizza with green olives

In our home we have pizza at least once per week, sometimes often. I use a pizza stone and each family member gets his/her pizza of choice. I make yeast free dough so it only takes a few minutes to make it. In fact, I made pizza yesterday and took a photo to go with the post. I didn't want to shock you with the amount of green olives I normally use so I put much less! The emphasis is on much less.

And yes, I promise to soon post the dough and sauce recipes on kitchen & aroma (both have already been posted on the Icelandic food blog).

stories told by my children that make me look bad

Here is the latest story: See the flower above. My neighbour was throwing out a bucket of flowers and had put it in the garage the day before 'organic trash' day. I arrived home with Vogue Paris and felt the need to photograph it with a flower so I snatched this one from the bucket (read: extended its life for at least one more week). Soon the whispering choir started: "Mom stole a flower." And many days after that, every time I picked up my son from kindergarten I could hear him whispering to some of his classmates that his mom was a flower thief.

By the way, I, the flower thief, got the mint vase at Tina's online shop.


OK, I mentioned books the last time I made a list and leaving them out would be like leaving out the essence of my being. I've blogged about coffee table books and will continue doing so. When it comes to novels I'm drawn to the classics. Biographies and autobiographies are my favourites as well as non-fiction on world issues. If I had to name one favourite author I think it would be Virginia Woolf. I've read her autobiography and many of her books and I'm simply fascinated with her. It's my dream to own one day beautiful hardcover copies of all her works.

Google maps streetview

You don't always need a plane ticket to travel. The world is only one click away, that is, if the country offers a streetview.

Here I am in London, having a fabulous time. Very economic, believe me!


My interest in bowls borders on being an obsession. It also has something to do with my food blogs
because one is always in need of beautiful props. These two are my latest purchase.

#6-7 (combined in one) bicycling everywhere I go and posters that crack me up or put a big smile on my face

I'm so glad to live in a country that has a bicycle culture, there are bicycle routes everywhere and it only takes me a few minutes to bicycle to the city centre.

There are so many talented people out there making all kinds of wonderful posters, both serious and funny. I love it. Remember this one?

#8 calligraphy

It was a wonderful surprise to see Ada's list including calligraphy because I had already noted it down on my list for Tina.

I was thirteen when I learned this beautiful art of writing. The course was compulsory in my school and I recall these classes with much fondness; the teacher was fantastic. I still remember him standing by the blackboard, writing all these beautiful fonts.

I have two sets of pens and I would like to extend my knowledge on this art and practice more.   

photo credit:
all images by Lisa Hjalt except:
#6-7 via Pinterest (source C.I.C.L.E.)
#8 via Karen's Whimsy


  1. Fantastic list :) And now I want a pizza.....curse! :)

  2. So sweet of you Lisa and what a list - you really took the challenge serious ;o)
    I also like to read - but unfortunately don't have enough time for it - but I can recommend Camilla Läckberg a swedish author - don't know if her books are in english - but they are so exciting ;o)
    And bicycling - me too - living next to Copenhagen you need a bike - it's really hard to go shopping in the centre of Copenhagen with your car - parking lots are rare ;o))
    Hope you will have a nice weekend - I'm in the middle of baking the traditional danish cake 'Napoleonshatte' - did you taste them when you lived here ?? bye bye ;o))

  3. Lisa, I can not believe you finally decided to play along. :) Thank you for the sweet words. And it's so nice to learn a little more about you. Tonight I'm making pizza :) and it would've been great to have your recipe. Next time maybe. You're so lucky to live in a city that has a bicyle culture. Sometimes it is a struggle to even get to the park by bike. Oh, and the calligraphy, I'm happy to discover a common passion: I also learnt in school and I am still fascinating by it. Would love to have time to practice it more often. Hope you have a beautiful day! :)

  4. i enjoyed learning more about you.

    totally with you on numbers 1, 3 and 8. And instead of bowls, it's boxes for me.

    Had to laugh that you altered your pizza to suit US! lol

  5. This is a fantastic list--I really enjoyed reading these things about you. I'm with you on the pizza, the books, the bicycle culture. Overall, I must say, you're a fantastic woman.

  6. We are very similar, at least in these eight things :) I was just on google maps browsing Paris the other day...okay, it was this morning. It has become a daily ritual....VERY economical ;) You should do these lists more often!

  7. You're funny way of telling is always fascinating, it is lovely to get to know these things about you. The thing I see most is that you're a creative person! Beautiful pizza photo (definitely want the recipe), that vase is just perfect!! And when I was a kid I plucked flowers, sometimes out of other people's gardens. I already knew there was an exception on the rule of no stealing;) Lastly, congratulations on all of your awards. You indeed should do these lists more often!

  8. most of all i like your sense of humor : )

  9. I feel the same way about awards...sometimes they're fun, but i can't choose between bloggers...!!

  10. you are a fabulous woman Lisa!

  11. How fun this was to read... sometimes, it's glimpses like this that really help us to get to know our blog friends. You are lovely!


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