Saturday, 4 June 2011

caribbean vernacular style

A home with different shades of blue and swimming pool in the garden? Yes please. This beautiful Florida home is the work of Tom Scheerer, who designed it using Caribbean vernacular architecture. He likes using what he refers to as relaxed modernism. I'm so on board with that.

I found the images at House Beautiful with an interview with Scheerer and found some more photos on his website. When asked by House Beautiful where he gets his ideas:

"I grew up in my grandparents' house on the ocean. That's basically where most of my ideas come from. They didn't think of themselves as taste people, nor did my parents. It just came breezily and naturally, and they made nothing of it. Rooms weren't fancy. They reused things that had been handed down, and yet it was accidentally kind of stylish. Nobody really cared about things."

The follow up question is: "But you're a decorator. How can you not love things?" To which he answers: "I like things. But I'm just as easily drawn to an object that's cheap as one that's expensive." Love that answer! This guy is now officially my favourite designer.

His upbringing by the sea is definitely reflected in this particular design. I find it unpretentious, charming and comfortable. Wouldn't mind getting me one of those. What about you?

photo credit: Matthew Hranek
via House Beautiful and Tom Scheerer


  1. Lovely - and what lovely blue colors ;o)
    Now you have to go out and enjoy the sun ;o))
    I'm gone - take care ;o))

  2. Hello Lisa
    Beautiful images, lovely colours.
    I appreciate your heads up about my blog. I was just getting around to change it. Thanks anyway.

  3. So beautiful! I love all the different patterns used in the fabrics! Really wish I was chilling by that pool today!

  4. Goodness! Loving all the blue in these designs! love your style Lisa!

  5. I just found your blog! Its beautiful! I will keep following


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