Friday, 10 June 2011

christmas in june

A package arrived this morning from one of my best friends in Iceland and I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened it: two Astrid Lindgren books, another book and candy for the children and Chanel for me! I was like a kid at Christmas. Let me add that Christmas in June is a wonderful idea.

The last time I talked to my friend on the phone we were talking about make-up, among other things, and I told her I had seen this beautiful pink/peach nail polish from Chanel, Pêche Nacrée (515), from their spring collection (it's categorized under beige colours at Chanel). I had no idea she was writing it down and plotting to buy it for me! And she also got me the Canari (697) Aqualumière gloss. It's fabulous.

I cannot wait to show the children what they got when they come home from school today because they had the Astrid Lindgren's Mardie book on the left (Madditt in Icelandic), but it somehow got lost when we moved to Belgium last year and they were so disappointed. When I tried to order it again it was no longer available but my friend found them a brand new copy at a book market. She also gave them Lindgren's Lotta's Bike with beautiful colour illustrations by Ilon Wikland.

I hope you're having as fabulous Friday as I am!

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. Great books
    and I have the same nail polish!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. What a fabulous Friday (and a fabulous friend) :) Christmas in June is indeed a good idea :)

  3. mikið áttu góða vinkonu....
    jól í júní ;D ...og vel hugsanlegt að þau yrðu meira að segja hvít, allavega hér á klakanum... ;/
    góða helgi...

  4. Oh these colours are divine! Lucky you! I hope we can get these lovely colours over here :) xo

  5. What a great gift! My best friend is coming over later today for cava and a bbq and she told me she has a moving north present for us, can't wait to find out what is is!
    Nothing like good friends ey? :)

    Hugs and have a great Friday!

  6. What a thoughtful friend. I love the Chanel lipgloss, they are my fave. That looks like such a pretty color. xo

  7. a fab Friday. i need more friends like yours! lol

  8. What a thoughtful friend, Lisa. These little surprises just make your day. I love the shades of the lipgloss and nail polish. Have you tried them on already? :)

  9. Thank you ladies for your fabulous comments ;-)

    Ada, I'm already using the lip gloss and it's just perfect. I did my nails yesterday but I'm removing that later today and redoing them ;-)

  10. what a sweet friend! Great pictures too :)

  11. it is so great to have friends who think of you and send you gifts/surprises.
    I bet the kids where extremely happy :)

  12. What a lovely friend you have - and the colours are so nice for the Chanel ;o)
    Hope you will have a nice time with the children reading the wonderful books ;o)
    Nice weekend to you ;o)

  13. I totally missed this post. How sweet are those gifts!! And the lip and nail color is gorgeous.


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