Monday, 13 June 2011

colour mood & magazines

This is my colour mood today. Maybe it's the rainy weather or all the gorgeous flowers the florists at the Groenplaats square were offering yesterday. We went for a walk in the cloudy weather and had our latte at the Mockamore café by Groenplaats. Afterwards we went to one of the international magazine shops. I was at the counter when I realized that the July issue of ELLE UK I was buying came with a free Reiss summer top, featuring a beautiful illustration by the fabulous blogger Garance Doré. Love surprises like that! By the way, this month you won't get a photo of my Vogue Paris balcony moment because I didn't buy it. In my opinion, the June/July issue is utterly disappointing. Maybe I'll buy British Vogue instead; Vanessa Paradis is on the cover and it looks intriguing.

We are enjoying a long weekend in Belgium but tomorrow it's business as usual. Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!

photo credit:
top-left: Mario Sierra
top-right: Troyt Coburn for Australian Vogue
bottom-left: Waldemar Hansson for Kurv Magazine
bottom-right: model Ivy Nicholson / American Vogue via Flickr
(with a little help from Pinterest)


  1. Precioso color, muy acertada la composición de fotografía, bonito, bonito... BSS<3!!!!

  2. Lisa, I've just bought Elle UK, and it has no free top, no illustration of Garance...I hate it when they don't bring the special issues here. We have a long weekend as well in Romania and luckily today is sunnier than the last two days. :)

  3. That dress in picture number two is just darling :)
    And enjoy your long weekend!

  4. LOVE the dress in the top right photo... so pretty! Hope your week is off to a great start, Lisa!! xo

  5. The dress on the first photo is so adorable!!!!
    Have a wonderful week,

  6. i love the colour and you picked some very nice models. have a colorful week!


  7. lovely colors and pictures!!!

  8. Such a gorgeous color. And I just love that vintage Vogue cover. Hope your week is off to a wonderful start! xoxo

  9. Loving this colour palette and the dresses too, all so feminine and pretty!xx


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