Saturday, 11 June 2011

joy pockets

Yesterday, Monica at Bohemian Twilight invited her blogfriends to join her in a series of posts called joy pockets. That's her name for the moments that we cherish no matter what is going on in our lives.

It's a rainy Saturday morning in Antwerp, hubby went bicycle shopping with our daughters and our little guy is singing in Flemish while playing with his Playmobil. It somehow seemed perfect to play along with Monica. So, here are my joy pockets that first came to mind:

  • the smell of freshly ground coffee
  • pancakes on Sundays
  • postcards from travelling friends
  • good morning kisses
  • visits to the local florist
  • new issues of Sweet Paul
  • Lord of the Rings marathons with popcorn
  • clicking 'proceed to checkout' on Amazon
  • the smell in the air after rain
  • great thrift shop finds like that Furnivals vegetables bowl I found yesterday

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. these are some simply wonderful joy pockets ( what a lovely expression!)
    it makes one think how easy it is. to find joy. have a joyful weekend : )

  2. lovely, lovely, lovely! I so enjoy reading about other's joy pockets. I did a post like this when I was writing in Romanian and it was so well received. The smell of freshly ground coffee is among the best ever. Oh, and I love that feeling I get when I'm clicking "proceed to checkout" on Amazon. I love this post, Lisa! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  3. I discovered your blog a few days is wonderful!!...your ideas...your comments...the photos!! It is pleasure to come here!!
    All the best from Argentina!!

  4. All wonderful pockets, especially love the vegetable bowl, freshly ground coffee, and the smell in the air after a rain :)... Oh and thanks for sharing Sweet Paul, what a gorgeous mag!

  5. These are such wonderful bits of joy! I adore good morning kisses, and your thrift find! That bowl is gorgeous!! Have a fantastic weekend!

  6. Beautiful pictures! And I love your joy pockets list!!

  7. great list! I have been doing a lot of 'proceed to check out' amazon lately...

  8. Beautiful pictures. Your joy pockets has been running in my head lately. Ground coffees, pancakes, visit to the local florist, and movie marathon. Happy Weekend! =)

  9. pretty <3 love peonies :) my favs! Nice new changes to the site as well

  10. What a gorgeous idea, I need to do that:)
    Even when times are tough there are joy pockets.
    Special post, thank you:)
    Wendy xo

  11. *gasp*
    You found THAT bowl in a thrift shop? You lucky girl!
    Love the rest of your joy pockets as well, seems we have similar taste :)


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