Friday, 24 June 2011

joy pockets

I cannot believe it's Friday already! Despite the rainy weather and occasional thunderstorms I've been enjoying a wonderful week. Well, if you had seen me yesterday when I came home after picking up the kids on my bicycle you probably would have thought that I swam home, but that's another story. One of the fun things this week has been choosing a book and DVD package from hubby and the kids for my upcoming birthday. Let me tell you, the Amazon basket is looking really good.

It's time for another joy pockets post. If you want to play along then join Monica at Bohemian Twilight. Joy pockets are the moments we cherish no matter what is going on in our lives and here are some of mine:

  • the new fuchsia on our balcony
  • turning on my Nikon
  • e-magazines that take your breath away, like Mowiekay
  • good recommendation reading lists
  • staying indoors during thunderstorms 
  • Jane Austen and chocolate
  • surprise croissants 
  • the sound of incoming mail
  • making pizza on Fridays with red wine and Adele in my ears
  • my five-year old's impossible math questions: "Mom, how much is purple + purple?" (The correct answer was 5. And no, I was not able to calculate that.) 

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!

photo credit: LatteLisa

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  1. Lol, when I read your title I thought you meant the flowers were 'joy pockets' ;) They could look like it haha. Beautiful photo's. And I really like your list of good things. I have to write down those things more often too.. I'm sure it'll be a long list:) I believe sun is coming our way this Sunday, so I hope you can have gorgeous weekend outside. With a sound of incoming mail;)

  2. your joy pockets gave me joy too : )
    and you have one brilliant fiveyearold....but you know that!

  3. Christel, joy pocket would be an excellent name for a flower! Why on earth has no one come up with that? ;-)

  4. You can never go wrong with Austen and chocolate!

    I love the minds of children. That equation made me giggle.

    Gorgeous photos! Happy weekend!

  5. You're becoming my favourite photographer, Lisa. Those pics are amazing! Your joy pockets sound so good. Have a great, sunny weekend! :)

  6. ...and this fab. post should be inside this list too, Lisa!

  7. I love the purple + purple question! Kids are too cute!

  8. Hahaha, "purple + purple", so cute ♥

  9. Jane Austen and chocolate
    surprise croissants
    yay to both. :)

    purple + purple, that brilliant.

  10. I share your love/obsession of Adele, Lisa. I will have to check out Mowiekay... have not heard of it! xo

  11. Lisa, these are wonderful things. I am curious about the reading list.
    My daughter (2 years old) is currently obsessed with Adele's song: Rolling in the Deep. She wants to listen to it over and over and I actually don't mind.

  12. This was a lovely reminder of how to be grateful for the simple joys in our lives. Have a lovely weekend. X Sharon

  13. Hi,
    It's a beutiful,beatiful photo, with a beautiful,beautiful flower.

  14. Your fuchsias are beautiful. I have the impossible math questions to come...oh joy.


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