Thursday, 16 June 2011

k&a recipe: pizza dough

This yeast free pizza dough recipe is especially posted for my blogfriend Ada at Classiq; I promised her to post it on kitchen & aroma this week. A promise is a promise! The recipe is from my friend (Cafe)Sigrun – you should know her by now and her fantastic recipe website.

I'm posting again later today because in my home it is indeed Christmas in June. I just received two packages from Amazon, one that I was expecting and one surprise from Sigrun. I'm beaming.

Have I told you how much I love books?

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. i do love pizza! if i keep it very thin and crispy i can manage a slice or two (carbs and all that).

    a SURPRISE Amazon package?! oh, now i'm envious.

  2. Dear Lisa, thank you! I wanted to make pizza in the weekend, but I so wanted to try your recipe that I decided to wait. By the way, I love oregano. You're invited to dinner tonight, Lisa! ;) ps: books? can't wait to hear about your new arrivals and thoughtful friends. :)

  3. Oh my! It doesn't get any better than pizza and books!

  4. Dear Lisa,
    yes,it`s good to be back but I must admit, your choosen homeland Belgium was worth it to stay away for a while....:))
    I really loved the houses and the belgium style.
    It is something between the neatherlands and france as far as I could see. The coastline is....well...full of too much big houses and a cozy, calming spot is hard to find. De Haan was my favourite!Beautiful village and I`ve seen Damme...a very romantic little (literature and book)-village near by a channel.

    On the way back to germany we took a wrong exit and landed into Brussel.What an adventure!We found ourselves in a very, very, very busy arabic borough.We were cruising around this borough for one hour until a nice man on the sidewalk told us the way back to the motorway...

    Your pizza looks very delicious, Lisa!
    (...but after holidays I´m fighting with my no pizza for Mrs.Gumann... :P)
    Have a lovely week!

  5. This pizza looks so good! And I admit I am such a book lover too

  6. Lucky you, having Christmas in June;) Thanks for this recipe, I LOVE self made pizza (who doesn't?) so I'll have to try this one out soon!


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