Wednesday, 29 June 2011

let's do summer properly

I got a bit carried away, I know, when finding images for this post. I started daydreaming about having a garden and all kinds of beautiful tableware, cutlery, napkins and tablecloths to use outdoors. I want colours on my table and flowers from my own garden, preferably. I want to use glasses and china, none of the plastic stuff unless I'm going on a picnic. Tableware doesn't have to be expensive; you can find plates and glasses at flea markets and mix it up. If it's a chilly night, you are inviting friends over and don't have enough blankets then simply ask them to bring their own. Well, unless you have an outdoor fireplace, which I find awesome.

Let's do summer properly and enjoy it!

photo credit:
top-left: Keith Scott Morton for Country Living
top-right: Ellie Miller for House Beautiful | styling: Rebecca Moses
bottom-left: Aimee Herring for Country Living
bottom-right: Frances Janisch for Country Living
top-left: Debra McClinton for Country Living
top-right: Mikkel Vang for House Beautiful
bottom-left: Robin Stubbert for Country Living
bottom-right: Keith Scott Morton for Country Living


  1. Oh so pretty! I love them all but I think 2 & 7 are my personal favorites :)

    Hugs and a lovely Wednesday to you!

  2. all so lovely.
    i'm not sure that i've ever seen a proper outdoors fireplace!

    i just love those white lanterns and tiny plant buckets from the first image.

    i think that al fresco dining lends itself particularly well to thrifted and mis-matched tableware.

  3. oh my, Lisa, you've put me in such a happy mood with these gorgeous images. Love them all! xo

  4. O yes,
    you had the same idea!

    Have a nice day!

  5. WEll. I have a garden, and it looks nothing like this. It's always a mess. The grass is always too high and the porch is full of dust coming from the street, all the time. I have plastic table and chairs and they're not fancy at all. I want a garden like in one of these images...

  6. I just love all the photos! a garden party sounds so perfect. with sun tea and lemonade. or maybe even like a tea party. love it!

  7. Carried away? Please do - these are all beautiful and inspiring!

  8. LOVE! I totally want to plan a beautiful garden party now! Want to come?! xo

  9. Oh you didn't go overboard. You did just perfectly! All of these are just gorgeous :)

  10. These images truly are the best input for wishful thinking/daydreaming about summer dinners spent in our new garden;) I really want to put an effort into creating such a beautiful table setting...

  11. i had such a stupid day until i saw this...thanks for making my day so nice :)


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