Sunday, 12 June 2011

the sunday photos

I have been wanting to post this 'Flowergirls' editorial from the April 2011 issue of Elle Denmark. Models Solveig Mørk Hansen, Julie Rode and Maria Palm Lyduch were shot beautifully by Signe Vilstrup. To me they look so angelic and gorgeous in these dresses with flowers in their hair. I love the vintage feel to the photos.

photo credit:
Signe Vilstrup for Elle Denmark


  1. Lovely! The flowing haor and the white cotton blouses just taste of summer all the way :)

  2. Really sweet the flwers girls.

    Good sunday

  3. I wish I had seen these pictures before I made a head wreath for today's wedding.....

    Enchanting, or is this just the espresso talking?

    xo jane

  4. They truly look angelic--fantastic photos!

  5. Gorgeous editorial, these shots are so lovely and dreamy!

  6. Hi Lisa, hope you had a great weekend despite some showers... I so loved every image of this editorial too, they are gorgeous!!


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