Tuesday, 14 June 2011

tobey maguire for prada

I wonder who got the brilliant idea to get actor Tobey Maguire to pose for Prada's upcoming ad campaign; it's as if the guy hasn't been doing anything else. The photographer is David Sims who needs no introduction. I love everything about that photo down to the tiniest detail: the lighting, colours, not to mention the beautiful outfits of the autumn/winter collection. Perfection is the only word that comes to my mind.

I need a book advance to get my hubby some Prada! (Only SATC fans will understand that one.)

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

photo credit:
David Sims for Prada via GQ


  1. you're right, he looks so smooth. he looks like he's lost weight. ?
    love the lighting.

  2. He is the Prada man. Perfect for this campaign! :)

  3. Spiderman looks good in anything ;)

  4. i think is always better with actors on comercials. it seams more real in a way - the picture is fantastic!

  5. He´s perfect for Prada!!!!!
    Have a wonderful new week,

  6. I'm not usually appreciatve of him but he looks like an uppercrust gentleman this these shots! xx

  7. Lisa, I'm with you on every word. Stunning!

  8. wow a genius idea for Prada. the photo is great!

  9. Wow I have always thought that he was a little cute - spiderman ;o)
    Have e nice evening ;o)


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