Tuesday, 5 July 2011

beautiful home

I have a crush on this Scandinavian home, so full of character, so inviting, and shot beautifully by photographer Stuart McIntyre. The French windows in the top and bottom photos are beautiful and the space looks soft and homely, yet sophisticated. I like the way the works of art are arranged on the walls and I love the chandeliers and all the mismatched lamps with similar lampshades.

We are enjoying a gorgeous sunny day in Antwerp. I'm making muffins to take with us to the park and later today I'm experimenting with mixed berry sorbet. What are you up to today?

photo credit: Stuart McIntyre for Fri.dk


  1. vá hvað þetta er fallegt mér hefur alltaf langað í svarthvítar flísar í forststofu og baðherbergið hjá mér
    kveðja Adda

  2. Floor heaven!!! Even the outside flooring is beautiful! Hope you enjoy your day at the park! (Very jealous, it's a lovely day here in London and I am stuck at the computer!)

  3. That's indeed a beautiful house. I would love to live in such a home.


  4. This is one of the most beautiful homes I've seen. The interiors are so beautifully decorated: the chandelier, the vintage furniture and artworks on the walls...sigh. :)
    ps: hope you had a lovely day in the park :)

  5. Working, unfortunately;) Your day sounds perfect!
    And oh my, what a truly gorgeous home. So much character!! Love the art, the old wood, the wallcolor, the windows, the built in book closet... sigh.

  6. this house is a dream!!!! how cool would it be to live there! I love the checkered tile behind the stairwell. not sure I would have noticed all the lamps if you hadn't mentioned it, but i love those too!

  7. Ah yes - so nice ;o))
    The crazy water did come in to our basement - so we have spend some days with cleaning up - what a work - puuuhhh.
    Crazy to see how the water came in to our basement from the drains as if you did open for the water - it was like a river (almost) ;o)
    But now we are on top again - so we work a little and enjoy summer.
    Sounds nice with homebaked muffins and going to the park ;o) enjoy ;o)

  8. so well put together! very classy. love the art they've incorporated.

  9. This house is too gorgeous- love it- and the post above- happy and inspired!

  10. oh my, this is a perfect house !
    the artwork is really impressive.


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