Sunday, 3 July 2011

a day at vlissingen

We spent a relaxing and refreshing day by the sea in the city of Vlissingen, in the Netherlands. We had never been there before and weren't sure what kind of beach it was. When we arrived at the seafront we were greeted by this wonderful area, not too crowded. Not today, at least. After playing, reading and swimming we headed to the city centre, where we had refreshment and went for a walk by the marina. How I love the sea!

I hope you're enjoying a wonderful Sunday!

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. Preciosas esas fotos!
    que ganas de playa!

  2. I love the sea too!! beautiful pictures!!

  3. I love being by the water....and love those colorful houses in the background! Is the chanel polish any good? I'm thinking of treating myself :)

  4. Looks so nice - and lovely photos ;o) Have a nice day ;o)

  5. Your photo's look so beautiful!! Love the colored buildings and that yellow dress:)
    You were lucky it wasn't crowded. Glad you had such a good time.

  6. what a great day out, sounds totally recharging.

    beautiful photos and the wide shot with the tall buildings, i would never have guessed that was the Netherlands.

  7. I LOVE walking by the marina in every seaside location I go to, it's part of my fascination for the sea.
    ps: beautiful phorography, but that goes without saying, you know by now. ;)

  8. Oh this looks like such a lovely day :)
    Can't wait to go back to holland again!


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