Wednesday, 20 July 2011

a day in the park

I'm longing for some sun but the weather forecast keeps showing nothing but clouds and rain. boo-hoo It feels like ages ago since the children and I enjoyed a picnic in a sunny weather in the Nightingale Park. There is a very short walking distance to the park but we like going on our bicycles so we don't have to carry anything. On the top of our bring-along list are home-made muffins. Then we need something fresh to drink and usually we bring organic berry syrup and blend it with sparkling mineral water. And of course we bring some reading material and toys, like a ball and a frisbee. We can spend hours there, completely losing track of time.

I took these photos the last time we were there, that is, in the part called 'The Flower Garden'. I was making notes for my sorbet experiment while the children were playing. After we enjoyed our refreshment they relaxed and read their books and magazines while I went photographing flowers. All of a sudden this beautiful butterfly made itself welcome and I managed to photograph it before it took off again. I'm longing for another day like that.

How is this Wednesday treating you all?

photo credit: LatteLisa


  1. wonderful pictures Lisa! and the feeling is great! i am off to Oslo to meet some friends... so having a blast already ; )

  2. What a beautiful park! Looks like a lovely way to spend the day.

    We're having high temperatures here in New York for the next few days, so we'll be spending the rest of the week in the pool staying cool!

    Hope you get to enjoy another day in the park soon!

  3. it really is about time that the north of Europe, including UK,got some proper sun. i hope it gets there soon for you. love picnics that are relaxed and involve muffins. :)

  4. These are such lovely shots Lisa and such a pretty butterfly. Sounds like a wonderful day in the park! xx

  5. What gorgeous photos, Lisa! It looks like a lovely place to spend the day. And that butterfly is so pretty. Sending some sunshine your way :) xoxo

  6. Beautiful, beautiful. The images are so inspiring... i also love the picnics in the park. Hi Lisa! thank you for your help! How are you? Hope your summer is going well. i am happy to be back.

  7. These photos are beyond pretty! I need a picnic in the part STAT!! xo

  8. a picnic in the park is a great thing.
    As of today, unfortunately it's raining very heavily. I hope the summer will come back soon!

  9. It's been cold all night and day here too, but then suddendly the sun came back out and bam!! It's hot hot hot. But I love it, it's summer.
    I love a day in a park. It reminds me when I was a little child and in winter, if we couldn't leave townon weekends, my mom would always take me to the park to play and get wild a little. Lovely pictures.

  10. I love picnics! I just had a post about one we just had in Kew Gardens!
    Its such a special atmosphere!
    Happy Day,

  11. The park is so beautiful.
    I hope the weather improves and you can have a wonderful picnic with your children.
    It has been pouring with rain here for days:(
    Wendy xo

  12. Great pictures and such a beautiful park... I love parks, because the beauty of them is meant to be shared and loved by many... and such things of joy and fun are there - like that little butterfly and time with loved ones...

    We have a park just 5 minutes away and I often take my bike through there, enjoying the echo of the birds chirping and the cool shade that the trees provide before I exit and go through a different route in the hot sun...

    xx, Sarah

  13. I know how you feel - rain here AGAIN today - and before we know summer is gone - I cry with you ;o)))
    In a week we are having holiday here in Denmark (north of Jutland) - so hopefully the weather will be sunny - but the chance is good in august ;o)
    Lets cross our fingers for the sun to shine on us ;o) and think happy positive thoughts ;o))

  14. Hello Lisa,
    i can't even remember the last time I've enjoyed a pic nic at a park. But the idea is wonderful. To relax, photograph, read or just admire nature is very nice.
    Mari (Simplesmente Fascinante)


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