Thursday, 14 July 2011

design discovery

"Wake up, wake up, we're going to London!" yelled our almost six-year old this morning when he got the task to wake up his sisters. "Why are we going to London?" they asked sleepy and rather surprised because there had been no mentioning of a trip across the Channel. The little guy got a bit carried away, I think. We simply had to take an innocent road trip to Brussels to renew hubby's passport. London, Brussels; what's the difference when you're six?

In the Icelandic Embassy I saw a book on Icelandic design and the first page I opened contained this beautiful blue and white ... well, what shall I call it, a shawl or a capelet? The designer is Bara Kjartansdottir, whose website is only available in Icelandic. Here is the link to her online shop if you want to view more items. I also saw a beautiful book on Scandinavian design but I can't find it anywhere online. I'll not give up so easily so I'll share it with you when I track it down. Maybe the poor postman will have to carry it to my door one day!

It was raining in Brussels. The small streets we drove through, the architecture under French influence, looked so cosy and beautiful in the rain. Kind of like London. smile

photo credit: Bara Kjartansdottir


  1. Hahaha, so true! But technically he never made me wear it - though he totally would have if I could afford it ;)
    And that is one pretty scarf, or whatever it is!

  2. Your son sounds adorable it's such a precious age! Here's to hoping you find that book! xo

  3. Your stories with your son always make me smile, Lisa. And you're quite a story-teller. :)

  4. London, is an adventure, no matter what the place! That is a gorgeous, gorgeous shawl. It reminds me of the blue and white pottery/house decor that I think we both like :)

  5. this is so funny thing with your son :)

  6. Your son sounds adorable:)
    What fun if it were true a visit to London, it has been a long time for me since I lived there, Sydney is far away:(
    Have a beautiful weekend,
    Wendy x

  7. Adorable six year old;) But he is right, London is better then Brussels haha. Or at least I feel that way. Gorgeous scarf/cape. And that Chanel book is on my wishlist too, gorgeous!! You receive so many great gifts, its impressive.

  8. Love this! Your son sounds so cute though! *sigh* I wish I lived in Europe...


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