Sunday, 24 July 2011

for norway II

Since the incomprehensible events in Norway on Friday I've been feeling more connected to my Nordic roots than ever. When following the Icelandic media it's clear that the Nordic bonds are strong; the hearts of Icelanders are mourning with their Norwegian neighbours. People have added the Norwegian flag to their profile picture on Facebook, people are lighting candles, and yesterday there was a candle floating and a memorial service by the Pond in Reykjavik city centre.  I dag er vi alle norsk is a sentence written in Norwegian that kept popping up on many websites and blogs yesterday. It means today we are all Norwegian.

Johanna Sigurdardottir, the Prime Minister of Iceland, said that all government buildings would be flying flags at half mast and encouraged all Icelanders to do so too. She said: “We are thinking of the Norwegian nation at this terrible time. Our thoughts are with the Norwegians and not least with the victims and families of those who are maybe going through the most trying times the Norwegians have had to deal with” (IceNews).

There is a lump in my throat and inside is this indescribable feeling of sadness. For this humble post I chose a photo by my friend and nature photographer Daniel Bergmann, taken in Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon in the south-east of Iceland. The song Hunting High and Low is by the Norwegian band A-ha, here performed by Icelandic tenor Gardar Thor Cortes.

photo credit: Daniel Bergmann
YouTube: Gardar Thor Cortes / Hunting High and Low
music: A-ha


  1. Thank you Lisa! for your posts. I read and i cry

  2. Thank you Lisa. That's beautiful.


  3. Thank you sweetie. This is indeed a dark hour for us and the worst thing that has happened on Norwegian soil since the Second World War.

    A Norwegian politician from a different party said 'I dag er vi alle AUF' and I think that describes how we all feel after this tragedy. I am glad to see that also our neighbors are morning with us.


  4. My deepest thoughts to Norway.

  5. So incredibly sad what has happened. My thoughts are with Norway.

  6. Falleg mynd og fallegt lag, sorglegir tímar þó.

  7. this is beautiful and so sad and so the tears roll.

  8. I also light my candle for Norway...Incredible image!

  9. Germany is a bit away from norway but I think, it doesn`t matter wherever something happened like this. We all are human beings and feel the same way (except these strange thinker`s, of course....)!
    Beautiful,sad post,Lisa. I`m with you and all norwegian people.

  10. So beautiful... I have chills. Despite being in London and having no real connection to Norway I have been quite affected by it all. It has been a week of reflection and nostalgia for me. Anyways, thank you for sharing your thoughts

    PvdH -designer and illustrator


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