Saturday, 2 July 2011

joy pockets

Today it seemed ideal to write another joy pockets post. If you want to play along then join Monica at Bohemian Twilight. Joy pockets are the moments we cherish no matter what is going on in our lives. Two blogfriends made it to my list today because their yesterday's posts touched my heart:

  • the dishwasher my hubby bought today and is connecting as I write this
  • Ada at Classiq's beautiful and touching flower post 
  • Debby at Inspired Design's honest post on lost childhood friendship 
  • handcrafted presents from the kids
  • the beautiful colour of Eames chair that I'm buying one day (see photo above)
  • notebooks – I have a soft spot for Moleskine 
  • the smell of organic Oshadhi Geranium essential oil – heaven in a bottle
  • the idea of travelling to Corsica one day, hopefully next summer
  • Friends Thanksgiving episodes, like the one with Brad Pitt as Will: "Look at her standing there with those yams. My two greatest enemies, Ross, Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates." Cracks me up every time
  • creating delicious recipes that taste divinely; the muffins below were made with organic chocolate hazelnut butter

I hope you're enjoying a relaxing Saturday!

    photo credit:
    #1 Trine Thorsen for Elle Decoration Norway via decor8
    #2 LatteLisa


    1.'re missing one important thing!
      "Having a laugh with my beautiful friend Mooney while drinking baileys and flipping through magazines"

    2. First of all, I love that interior!! How sweet of you to mention my post! You put a huge smile on my face. I am always touched by so many bloggers out there so it is so nice to hear when one of your posts had an affect on someone. Any episode staring Brad Pitt is a joyful moment for me! Those muffins look good. Your home seems like it's filled w/ books and baking! Love you... Lisa!! xo

    3. Hooray for the dishwasherWe have room for one but we didn't purchase one yet, just so many other things we need first. But one day!
      And your muffins look great, I need to get me one of those trays as well :)


    4. I want a dishwasher too. I have been so unlucky with those. I had two and they where always broke. At one point I just gave up and decided to wash everything by hand. I guess if you don't buy the expensive ones they break easily.
      I love what you cherish...I love reruns too.

    5. so glad you joined in.

      sweet pockets, especially the hand-made gifts. i also love notebooks and have a soft spot for moleskines too. love the travel ones.

    6. Chocolate hazelnut butter!!?!! That sounds so delicious!

      I adore the handmade gifts from my kids. They're the best!

    7. that is just delicious! have a nice one!

    8. Haha, I just found a new joypocket! Just realised I hadn´t checked on Lattelisa for a whole day and it felt like I had found a lost christmas present behind the tree:)Had to put my feet up and zone the kids out before I visited.
      Love the joypockets, agree with every last one.
      Have to add one too: New freshly sharpened yellow pencils! Make me want to sit and rewrite all my lists...

    9. Dear Lisa,
      *joy pockets* is a very sweet idea!
      Well, a new dish-washer is always very welcome in a woman`s heart...;))without one...I have no idea how fun will take place in a cooking home?!
      What a yummy looking photo, Lisaon this rainy afternoon here. Yes, please...want some.

      Beate :) XXX

    10. mmmm can I have one of those muffins? ;) the dishwasher at my parent's house is currently broken...and with five of us it has been hell....especially since it seems like i'm the only one who does dishes! happy weekend !

    11. Oooh a dishwasher must be a great relief, nice! Now I'm off to check out your links. Again I like your joy pockets. And the look of those muffins, hmmmm. Hope you had a great weekend!

    12. those look so good- cheers to the dishwasher!

    13. How did I miss this post? Especially that you were so sweet to mention my post. I'm glad you liked it. Oh yes, Friends, I remember that episode, the ones with them gathered up on holidays are the funniest. I've recently bought the box set (I love Amazon) and can't wait to savour the series once again (once we finish M.A.S.H, another one of my favourites.) Muffins? I have to get on baking pretty soon. :)


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