Saturday, 30 July 2011

joy pockets

It's a cloudy Saturday, without rain though. The children are tidying the big room and then we're off to the Nightingale Park. I'm bringing Marie Antoinette with me and I'm looking forward to reading and drinking latte while the children play. It's a good day for joy pockets; the moments we cherish no matter what is going on in our lives. If you want to play along then join Monica at Bohemian Twilight. Here are the ones which came to my mind:

  • fresh flowers
  • turning on my laptop in the morning these days to find emails from hubby that start with hi darling
  • custom stamps, like the one above from Primele on Etsy
  • films starring Meryl Streep
  • browsing in the iittala shop in the city centre
  • my son's negotiation skills. This morning it was: "Mom, if you make pancakes today I'll … I'll give you a hug" – of course he struck a deal
  • next week's weather forecast that shows the sun
  • August 2011: my best friend is visiting and hubby comes back home
  • comments from blogfriends
  • the beautiful antique cup in the photo below that a friend of mine in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada) gave me on my birthday with the words: "I'm keeping this one for you until we meet again in person." The cup even has a name: American Beauty. This friend of mine is an avid cup collector and you should see her gorgeous collection. One day the cup will be formally handed over in either Antwerp, London or Iceland.

I hope you have a wonderful day. I'll be viewing you blogs when I come back from the park.


  1. No 8 is my favorite! We can't wait to see you all - only a week to go!

  2. What a lovely week with your joy pockets ~ and a delightful tea cup from your friend and your son, The Negotiator ~ thanks for sharing ~

    New to Joy Pockets ~ Hope to see you at my blog ~

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend. What a cute idea joy pockets is! Love that your hubby's emails start with hi darling. He sounds like a keeper. xo

  4. "Hi Darling" - such a sweet endearment. :)

    So glad the sun will be making an appearance soon. Beautiful cup and saucer - hope you get to meet with your friend soon.

    Have a fantastic weekend, Lisa!

  5. Wow that stamp is the cutest - and so is your hubby!
    Cas called me 'super secret agent Signe McCute' this morning :D

    Happy Saturday!

  6. I love the cup and saucer, they are beautiful. Your son's negotiation skills are great.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. So absolutely nice!!!

    xo Franka

  8. Oh such lovely joy pockets. The tea cup is beautiful and I love your friend`s words and also those of your husband. Fresh flowers are wonderful and instantly alter the feel of a room..breathing life into it. We`re on a pancake run at the moment although I never know how thick they should be. Here they ate them super thin like the French but back home they are thicker but not as thick as the American pancake!

  9. what a cup to have waiting for you!

    man, i love that custom stamp. i don't know if i have a use for it... perhaps i could start snail mailing more, lol.
    pancakes for a hug sounds like a good deal to me.

    sunshine down here is coming and going. this is our coolest Summer since we arrived 4 years ago. fingers crossed for something warmer.

  10. so lucky to have a friend that have such a beautiful cup for you! your joy pocket are lovely! thanks for sharing : )

  11. Always love to read your joy pockets, Lisa. Waiting for you to meet in person so that she can give you your present, that is a beautiful idea. Hope you had a great day in the park. :)

  12. What cheery pockets you have! I do like "a forecast showing the sun"..thats a fine thing indeed (and very rare to us folk over in the UK!!)The cup and the stamp are beautiful too, and comments from bloggers has definately been a joy for me the past week, although I'd quite forgotton to include it in my pockets! Have a lovely weekend :)

  13. Beautiful joy pockets and what a gorgeous antique teacup!
    Hope the sun came out for you to enjoy the park and a latte with Marie Antoinette:)
    Wendy xo

  14. I love the way to put a special touch to everything, I just love it and it makes me appreciate a lot of things I tend to ignore.

    thank you.

  15. the cup is beautiful :) happy Sunday!

  16. Adore your pockets!!! Especially the negotiations with the littles, meryll Streep films, fresh flowers, and those stamps!! I love those stamps!!!! Thank you for the link! Happy to have found your blog!!


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