Friday, 22 July 2011

malmö home

This is the home of singer/lyricist Nina Persson from the Swedish band The Cardigans (I love their song Carnival). I find the herringbone floor in the living room and dining room so beautiful, not to mention the use of white paint, the wall panels and gorgeous ceiling. It's such a cosy home. Click on the Bolaget link below to see more photos.

Malmö is a beautiful city in the south of Sweden. I visited it twice during spring 2010, at the time we were living in Denmark. If you happen to be in Copenhagen then it's ideal to visit Malmö because the train ride across the Öresund Bridge is only about 35 minutes or so and the central station is very close to the city centre. Furthermore, it's cheaper to shop in Malmö than in Copenhagen. I'm just saying.

PS. I totally forgot to tell you that last Wednesday I was guest posting for Ada at Classiq while she's vacationing.

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  1. the house is too beautiful, the wall decoration details and the shoe glass space are very ingenious.

    p.s. i saw your guest posting for ada, loved it

  2. What a lovely home and so close to me ;o)
    Malmö is not far from us - we live near the airport ;o) so we also go to Malmö once in a while.
    But it isn't that cheap to shop in Sweden anymore because of the exchange rate isn't that low anymore. And note that prices often are adjusted the swedish krone - eg. Esprit stores - the prices on the price tags are in different currencies - so nothing to save here ;o)
    I'm an expert in that area you can hear ;o) ha ha ;o))
    Have a nice weekend - here still grey and rain - AARRRGGGHHHH - we are going on vacation on sunday for a couple of days and then again next saturday - for a couple of weeks in northern Jutland - so the weather has to be good. ;o)))

  3. wow. this might be my ideal dream home. i love the dark wood and herringbone floors paired with that rosy pink and white. simply stunning! thank you for sharing.

  4. Lisa,

    What a great find...I absolutely adore this stunning and very liveable home.

    Have a great weekend. x

  5. What a great home! I like the color combination of white, black and pink, and the shoes in the closet are my favorite
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. dear God! books to the ceiling ! and what a ceiling this is !!!
    thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures Lisa : )

  7. Lovely home!! And I adore the Cardigans!

  8. ... home, sweet home ...
    See you, Nedj

  9. Malmö sweet Malmö- that's where I'm from originally :)

  10. Oh, how cool! Love the floors, the ceilings, bits of pink... all of it. I haven't heard of them. How cute is the singer? Thanks for introducing me. xo

  11. This is indeed a lovely home... Love the floor and the detailed ceiling!


  12. Fallegt sænskt heimili. Dáist að aganum í þér að ná að pósta daglega. Alltaf gaman að kíkja á síðuna þína. Finnst kurteisi að kvitta þar sem ég kíki á þig nokkrum sinnum í viku. Takk takk.

  13. What an amazing home. Brightens my day even on a day like today!
    And I can't even begin to belive how twisted you must be to shoot over 80 young people in cold blood. *shiver*

  14. Absolutely stunning architectural details! Love everything about this home. :)

  15. This home is wonderful—I adore the spaces you've shown here—oh, and the ceiling? Wow. Wow. Wow... the gallery is a bit too intense for my taste, but nevertheless, well done.

    xx, Sarah

  16. Thank you for linking back :)
    and thank you for showing your support of Norway. It's been a weekend in disbelief.

  17. oh man, love and want this home! So gorgeous :)


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