Sunday, 10 July 2011

the package

It's a cloudy day in Antwerp, perfect for staying indoors, reading a book and enjoying coffee and chocolate. Seems like a perfect day to also share with you my Amazon package (I know that some are getting a bit curious but I won't name any names). As I've told you before I chose a book and DVD package from hubby for my birthday. So, here is the content with my comments: 

Marie Antoinette: The Journey by Antonia Fraser, a biography I once read such good reviews about and have been wanting to read ever since. I started it yesterday and I must say that it's hard to put it down. I had no idea that Sofia Coppola used Fraser's book to write the screenplay for her film Marie Antoinette (2006), which I also ordered. I had never seen it in full length, just clips here and there. I watched it yesterday and it really captured me. At first the 80s music bothered me just a bit but when I got used to it I really got drawn into that wonderful storytelling. I had almost forgot how much I love actress Judy Davis (the emphasis is on almost), who plays the Comtesse de Noailles. She's so good!

Let's move on. I also ordered The Razor's Edge by W. Somerset Maugham, which I'm looking forward to reading. I can't say that I've read much by Maugham; a collection of his short stories back in college and last year I read The Painted Veil, which I loved (I really enjoyed the film from 2006 that was based on the novel, starring Naomi Watts and Edward Norton). I also ordered Collins Complete Photography Course by John Garrett and Graeme Harris, which will probably give me more clue of what I'm doing when I turn on my Nikon. And finally I ordered Pride and Prejudice (2005), directed by Joe Wright. I think that one is a compulsory purchase for a Jane Austen fan. I've already watched it twice, with and without the director's commentary, and all the bonus material.

So there you have my package. Tomorrow is my birthday – Giorgio Armani's too. I'm having sushi and white wine but I've no idea what's he's doing, wink.

Have a fine Sunday everyone!

photo credit: Lisa Hjalt


  1. I love Keira Knightly and Pride & Predjuce is one of my favorite movies. xo

  2. Such wonderful gifts you've chosen!

    Have a fantastic birthday!

  3. I love books about Marie Antoinette. I have 3 at home!!!!

  4. I love that movie, might just be the most romantic one I ever saw :)
    And a happy birthday to you tomorrow, I hope you will have the most wonderful day!
    So you are cancer as well, same as me :)


  5. As in Bucharest it's now 00:40: Happy Birthday, Lisa! :) I'm back from a Bon Jovi concert and I had a huntch that I might be in for a surprise on your blog, ha ha! What a wonderful gift you've received! I read Maugham's novel, The Painted Veil, a few years ago and loved it. Loved the movie too. "Marie Antoinette: the journey" I haven't read yet, but I'm eager to and believe it or not, haven't seen Pride and Prejudice from start till end completely either. Have to really soon. xoxo

  6. Your weekends make me so jealous! I love the Pride and Prejudice movie - unusually, it lives up to the book! It's my favourite movie to watch on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

  7. Happy birthday Lisa!!! :) These gifts are great, although I can only believe your judgement as from your entire package I have only seen Pride and Prejudice (twice) Love love love! But all of them sound like a wonderful way to spent time and enrich yourself with great emotions and interesting knowledge. Hope you'll have a fabulous birthday today. Wine and sushi sounds gooood.


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