Tuesday, 19 July 2011

something pink & girly

I have a soft spot for Eiffel tower decor ... and vintage looking clutches ... and beautiful bedlinen ... and sorbet. That said, I think you'll get my collage. I needed something pink and girly on this cloudy day. I'm beginning to wonder if the summer has left Antwerp. It did arrive early this year and I hope it doesn't mean that it leaves early! Well, it isn't cold outside; I just miss the sun.

How has your day been? Hubby knows me too well by now. He wasn't really surprised when he came home yesterday and saw what I had painted. I'll get more paint tomorrow so I can finish the bathroom. I finished one more chair today so I've only one more to go. If the weather stays cloudy I think I'll paint the hallway too. We recently bought a sisal rug to cover the floor and the walls deserve some fresh paint – the new and clean rug has been mocking them!

photo credit:
top-left: The Cherry Blossom Girl
top-right: HeidiCreations on Etsy
bottom-left: via Haute Design
bottom-right: Jenny May Meyers on Tumblr
(with a little help from Pinterest)


  1. LOVE this collage, everything is soo pretty! That bedroom with its pink and grey and that gorgeous lamp would do so fine for me;) Or Paris... yes Paris. First practicing my France language next two weeks... I'll try and send you some sun!

  2. can you please come to Chicago (or, better yet, I will move to Europe) so we can be friends and go out for sorbet and obsess over Paris? And I have two little sisters who can be put on babysitting duty.

    Haha what started out as a little bathroom painting sounds like it is branching out to the entire house...well done! I love that cushion-y bedframe and the purple sheets. I think my love for all the rest of the collage goes without saying ;)

  3. Pink and girly on a cloudy day sounds good to me.. ;D
    gangi þér vel að mála í sólarleysinu, er samt nokkuð viss um að sólin
    fer aftur að skína í Antwerpen.
    bkv au

  4. love your pink mood- my husband knows me too. every time i start painting some furniture or walls, he know he is the one to finish it ; )

  5. Love the little cluch too!! They would fit my 17th of may-shoes perfectly. So hand it over please.

    I think summer left Rosendal too. It is raining allday all week... shigh. Think I will make a moodboard for bathroom makeover to night...

  6. oh my... that clutch is adorable.. perfect for a pink wedding.. would also match an evening gown I have perfectly :)

  7. Also here is cloudy or raining. I think the summer has not yet arrived :-)... I love your collage, the bed seems so soft, mmmm. absolutely yes to the sisal rugs!

  8. Very, very pretty indeed! That sorbet looks delicious... and as for Summer, what Summer? It's cold and rainy here and I'm not certain what has happened - I too long for sunny days and hope that the season kicks in soon!

    A little refreshment in the way of paint is always nice, especially for this time of year - enjoy :)

  9. This post is s sweet!!! I love it!!!

  10. How did I miss this post I have no idea.... It's beautiful and I love the shades of pink here very much. x


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