Sunday, 17 July 2011

the sunday space

I love everything about this room, down to the tiniest detail, as seen from the angle above. I find the cabbage rose curtains, lamps and doors so beautiful, feminine without going over the top. It's the work of designer Suzanne Kasler and I've already posted a photo of another room in this same house, a beach house in Sea Island, Georgia. The photo below shows the rest of the space. The furniture is not my style but I love the windows.

What are you guys up to on this Sunday? I'm just taking it easy, slowly recovering from yesterday's sickness. Today I've already done three things to cheer me up: I've added this Paris skyline to my Firefox, changed the highlight colour in my computer from blue to purple and added a pinkish flowery desktop background. I call it survival. I think I'll spend the day in bed reading Antonia Fraser's book about Marie Antoinette. It is such a delight, written with a flowing style. I'm not nearly finished but I already can highly recommend it. Enjoy your day everyone!


  1. a taking it easy sunday here too... enjoy : )

  2. I love the light pouring in from those windows! Hope you continue to feel better.

  3. I too am recovering....from a self inflicted illess.

    I just sendt my mini-me-crew over to the neighbouring kids. Now I am going to make a post of random photos, and then read The hand of Fatima written by Idefonso Falcones.

    Have a wonderful sunday-reading-relaxing day! :)

  4. A beautiful style! I like the windows!
    Have a wonderful new week

    P.S.: I love the book from you. I read every day a few sites!!!!

  5. what wonderful steps you have taken to feeling better! i hope you are feeling even better today/tomorrow/monday.


  6. I bet you had a very relaxing Sunday =) Hope your sickness is long gone now and the new week starts beautifully! xoxo

  7. I love this space too... so pretty and happy. Hope you are feeling better, Lisa! xo

  8. I love these windows too! A must for me in any room is a ton of natural light - it brightens up the space and makes it welcoming!


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