Thursday, 11 August 2011

beautiful designer home

I was drawn to this New Jersey home of Italian designer Frank DelleDonne, not because the interiors are my style, but because it's so well designed and it looks homey, yet sophisticated. I love the large kitchen; would love to have a kitchen of that size, a kitchen that is also a family room. The House Beautiful interviewer said he could live in it and I so agree.

When he asked the designer about the library he got a funny answer: "It's European pine — I'm a sucker for pine — in a cognac finish. I love everything about cognac, from the color to drinking it. And the last thing I wanted was one of those testosterone-mahogany libraries that the husbands of my clients always want. It makes me want to put the husbands in a little box and place the box on a shelf until the end of the project."

I find the bedroom's colour palette absolutely gorgeous; it looks so calm. About the bedroom the designer said: "I wanted it to be consistent with the tone and flavor of the rest of the house, but more serene. My starting point was the antique mirrors on the built-ins. They're like the ones I've seen at Versailles, and in so many homes in Europe. They add a dreamy effect, a mystery."

Dreamy ... mystery – I'm so on board with that!

I cannot begin to describe how much I love the bathroom; the use of white and goldenrod colour, as I would call it. The inspiration for the tub was one "at the Excelsior hotel in Rome, which had radius corners. I love the idea of a soaking tub, and I really use mine. It's a very calming and peaceful bathroom, but by no means flat and ordinary," Frank DelleDonne said.

PS. Thank you for the kind words for my son, he's already feeling so much better.

photo credit: Francesco Lagnese for House Beautiful


  1. i like it!
    the kitchen and this bookcage is just marvelous : )

  2. This is a beautiful home, so welcoming and charming. I love the colour palette, the size of that kitchen, the beautiful bathroom (if I like the kitchen and bathroom in a house I'm sold!) and bedroom. Yeah, I like it all! xoxo

  3. Gorgeous space, just gorgeous... I'm so in love right now... x

  4. I love the large windows in every room and clearly the building itself is very beautiful...I would love to see the exterior. It`s a stunning find...thanks for sharing and good to hear your son is on the mend.

  5. Such a pretty home ♥

    And what do you mean with your comment on my blog, have you been following me for some time now?
    I can't seem to remember you...
    Oh wait, you are that Icelandic chick in Antwerp that bakes the sweetest treats, love feminine things and listen to Adele a lot?!

  6. Wow Lisa that home is an absolute dream!!! I couldn't even imagine a kitchen so big. Mine is so tiny that it's tight even for J & I to be at the kitchen at the same time :)

    And that bathroom is a whole other story! Swooning... :) xoxo

  7. Hehehe, I thought that was you!
    And at least we are stalking eachother ey? :)

  8. What a ovely home. It has such a warm, inviting atmosphere - not at all "designerish"! x Sharon

  9. It looks like a VERY beautiful home that feels like its lived in. All the wooden details and furniture are gorgeous and who has such a kitchen (space)?! The quotes had me laugh, so funny. I'm in love with the sitting nook and the mirrored closet fronts in the bedroom... Have a great weekend Lisa:)

  10. what a dream kitchen, with that light coming through the window! hope the little one has his bounce back now ;)

  11. this is a stunning home. not my preferred style either, but i could live in it comfortably. there is a wonderful use of wood, fabric, and subtlest colour to warm the white. despite so much white it doesn't feel in the least stark.

  12. What an utterly gorgeous home, the bathroom is my absolute favourite!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Wendy xo

  13. such a lovely house! you would be tempted to stay inside and rarely go out :D


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