Friday, 12 August 2011

friday fashion: red & McQueen

I was sitting here with my latte, creating this post, when the postman rang the bell with an Amazon package for my friend, who is now in Italy. She had told me to open the box because she bought the book Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, which was published on the occasion of the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute. I don't want it to sound like a cliché but I don't think I've seen anything so beautiful in a book form; it's taking my breath away. When I turn the pages I'm simply in awe of McQueen's talent, and I think I now fully realize what the fashion world has lost with his death. I wish I had been able to see the exhibition (blogger Garance Doré was invited to take photos before it closed).

I'm buying this book, that's for sure.

I got a bit carried away by that book, but to say something about today's photos: I've been admiring this red editorial for a long time, featuring model Anna Zakusylo for the September 2010 issue of Vogue Turkey, photographed by Emre Ünal. I love that first photo; absolutely love it. To view more photos simply click on the link below.

Have a fantastic Friday and why not wear something red!

photo credit:
fashion: Emre Ünal via Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. This editorial is breathtaking! What a gorgeous post, Lisa. I think my book wishlist will explode soon. I had just added the book Little Rus is talking about in her today's post, "100 Contemporary Fashion Designers", and now this. A must, no doubt. Have a beautiful day! xoxo
    PS: I'm wearing my favourite pair of summer high heels today: red sandals. ;)

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous post, Lisa! The red stopped me in my tracks this morning. I'd love to see that McQueen book. The exhibit was mindblowing!

    Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie and enjoy your hubby :) xoxo

  3. Such a stylish Friday overe here :)
    And I would love to have that book on my shelf as well, but these days I spend all of my book budget on vampires and interior. Typical!


  4. Gorgeous! That exhibit is surely something to be seen! Happy Friday, Sweetie! xo

  5. This is my next purchase. I almost ordered this time, but since I have to stick to my budget I chose to go with two other books I also wanted... Definitely a must-have.

  6. Breathtakng indeed! Have a lovely weekend!! xoxo

  7. This is beautiful and I must have it in my library—thank you for sharing these incredible outfits, imagery and the book!

    Hope you have a fun weekend planned...
    xx, Sarah

  8. I love so red colour !!

  9. awesome photos, i have no words enough to admire~

    p.s. i always thought that red is an energizing
    color, what do u think?


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