Tuesday, 30 August 2011

no words for that

Here is my today's inspiration board. I'm swooning over that vintage looking McNeal ad and I love love love the no words for that quote. I wish I knew who's the source. And no, my fellow bloggers, Pinterest is not a source. That's like handing in an essay and writing 'my library' under bibliography! Sorry, I had to rub that in just a bit. [Update: The quote is from Brian Andreas's book Story People. Thank you LittleRus!]

Have I ever told you how much I love wooden stairs with white paint? If I haven't, then now you know. Wish that hallway was mine.

Today I'm having friends over for coffee and probably pan cakes and pecan pie. I haven't quite decided what to make but it will be something delicious. May this Tuesday treat you kindly!

photo credit:
top-left: unknown source Brian Andreas via Pinterest
bottom-left: LatteLisa
 bottom-right: Bjorn Wallander for Country Living


  1. What a stylish couple in that McNeal campaign image. Beautiful words. And I wish that hallway was mine too. Have a great time with your friends, Lisa! xo

  2. You're so right with the pinterest sourcing thing.. I'm guilty of it too though. But I've become better lately, I'm trying!

  3. That is a perfect and wonderful quote - love it too! Beautiful pics as well, thanks for that - very much needed this rainy day..! :-)

  4. That quote is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    x E

  5. Darling, the beautiful quote is from Brian Andreas's book called Story People. I never actually read the book, I just know the quote. :)

  6. Really inspiring.


  7. this quote is so sweet. precious. and i have a wooden staircase. my husband said the other day : shall we paint it white? i almost fainted... YES!!!
    thank you for always having the most inspiring pictures : )

  8. How do you always manage to have your posts fit my mood? Yes, I know, it's all about ME ME ME ;)

    I love the board you put together, specially the top two images....and that quote...I think I'll have to make it into a print for the bedroom. Thanks for the lovely dose of inspiration...my Tuesday needed it!

  9. Beautiful words... And picture... Very much reminds me of Ali McGraw and Ryan ONeal in LOve Story, no? It must be the colours?

  10. Lovely pictures, and I saw your guest post it´s gorgeous..

  11. That quote is amazing, I love it! It are those small things that say it all :)
    Beautiful post, the gray and camel and the dusky setting are gorgeous. So is that staircase. I would want that small table to be mine <3
    Hope you had a wonderful time yesterday!

  12. Hahaha! Pinterest is not a source?!
    Really now? :D

  13. i'm so with you on the pinterest thing. it's my job to correct people's work a lot of the time, and sometimes i feel like reminding the community about best practices. but that's not what i wanted to say...
    i love this inspiration board so much, and i love that you were going to have friends over for coffee and pecan pie... yum!

  14. Such a beautiful, warm post, as are the words to accompany the imagery...

    p.s I agree about Pinterest. I don't mind a credit to Pinterest, as long as there is a further link to the original source. Sometimes I find things through layers of sources that night begin with Pinterest, but the end of it all MUST be credited! So glad you brought this up...


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