Monday, 29 August 2011

prada resort 2012

What can I say about these photographs of the Prada Resort 2012 Collection that I've been keeping in my folder for quite some time? Okay, I'll start with bravo Muiccia Prada! I admit it, the light blue colour in the background has something to do with this love of mine; the Eames chairs too. Of course I love the outfits and accessories too – knee-length skirts and dresses are my favourite. I could easily have posted more photos from the collection but I decided to hit the brakes at twelve.

Did you guys know that Muiccia Prada has a PhD in Political Science? And in case you didn't know, her nickname is Miu Miu, hence the label Miu Miu which they launched in 1993.

Now, how was that for a little Prada history lesson?

Today I'm a guest writer at María's beautiful blog EclecChic and there you'll find a gorgeous manor house in Denmark, which I thought fitted her style. María is a Spanish interior designer who lives in Lugano, Switzerland. As some of you already know, I lived there too for one year back in 1991, in Zürich to be exact.

Have a wonderful day!

photo credit:
Prada via Vogue US


  1. Wow, these dresses are stunning - and the girl are styled perfectly! :-)

  2. I see so many things I love here, Lisa. Polka dots, the knee length yellow skirt, the scarves and other accessories and let's not forget the trench coat and the jacket next to it. xoxo
    PS: that is an amazing mansion you shared in your guest post :)

  3. Yes the duck egg blue background is very appealing! Loving the lace, especially with the navy/white polka dot blouse. Hmmm my fave would have to be the third row down on the right- the pattern mix, the beret(!) even the way the legs are placed makes it all look vintage! Miuccia certainly has a way!!

  4. Is it just me or does the model in the second row, the picture on the right look like Agneta from ABBA? ;)
    Love the colour palettes on the last four pictures, pastels, beige and that blue background like you said. Yum!

    (PS I keep replying to your comments, on my blog instead of yours. With wordpress there is a tracking device, but I realised that maybe you don't see that. Would you prefer that I answered here on your blog?)

  5. Sounds exciting with guest writing - I will check it out instantly ;o))
    Love the prada style - but my wallet dont ;o))

  6. Those are great pieces- I would never have reason to wear them-
    I lived in Switzerland- Neuchatel on the French side- for a year in 1992-93- such a gorgeous country.

  7. I'm so drawn to these photos too. The wall, the chair, the styling, and of course the clothes. It's perfection! And so interesting...I had no idea that she had a PhD in Political Science! Off to check out your post at Maria's now :) xoxo

  8. Well thanks for the extra interesting facts;) Beautiful collection and posed photo's. The coral/yellow outfit is my favorite!

    p.s Gooorgeous guest post you made!

  9. I love facts like that! Love these photos, especially the lace pieces.

  10. Thanks for the Prada lesson Lisa! Not only do I love the outfits and the chairs but I want each and every single pair of shoes featured!


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