Sunday, 28 August 2011

soft pink sunday

I was in a mood for soft pink shades on this Sunday and debated with myself on whether to post home decor or some beautiful vintage looking outfits. First the outfits won; they were simply irresistible, but then I missed the home decor, so I kept on debating with myself. Posting everything was too much so I did a little compromise collage. Being a blogger is tough!

By the way, how beautiful is that Mario Testino photograph of model Sasha Pivovarova in the bottom left corner? Or let's just say: how beautiful is everything in all these photos? I had to include a song, because on Sunday mornings I like listening to certain type of music with my latte.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

photo credit:
top-left: The Hazel Brown Collection
top-centre: Miki Duisterhof for Country Living
top-right: unknown source via Pinterest
bottom-left: Mario Testino for Vogue UK
bottom-right: Picotte Weddings via Style Me Pretty

YouTube: Falling Slowly / Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova


  1. I saw these on Pinterest and I just KNEW a sof pink post was on the way :) Pretty pretty!

    Hugs and a happy Sunday to you!

  2. Pretty, pretty pink - love these photos! :-)

  3. uuh, that bedroom.

  4. so soft and tender post.. soo perfect for the mood I'm in right now! Glad you posted both =) xxx

  5. i love all the photos and the music!


  6. my daughter ( 3 years old) har leanred me appreciate pink! all pictures all just marvellous : )

  7. You are so good with pink, I remember your previous pink post. That bed looks so calm and pretty, I really love it! And the capture from Sasha is angelic, so beautiful... The song too by the way. You seem to have a chilling Sunday. Check your mailbox later;)

  8. What a lovely Sunday post! And these colours are so feminine, homely and delightful. The photo of Sasha is beautiful indeed.

  9. I love Glen Hansard!!

    Very pretty photo collection!

  10. Pretty in pink and yes, the model looks incredible - thanks for sharing Lisa!

  11. That editorial with Sasha is one of my favourite ones from UK Vogues and I love this particular photo and the one of her as a portrait.
    Loving the shades of pink, was thinking about my dusty rose dress this morning as it's getting chilly now meaning I will be able to wear it soon.
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, sweetheart and if you are in a mood for more Natalia Vodianova, I posted yet another story earlier today - enjoy. :)


  12. Lovely! I rather needed this for my Sunday.

  13. I´m going to Chicago on Friday. :-)

  14. i am a new follower, love your blog! so tranquil, refreshing, and wonderful <3 it truly offers a beautiful lifestyle
    Golden White Décor

  15. Hello Baby!

    Soft pink is so dreamy and nice :)And collage is a brilliant idea! Why did I not think of that in my latest post? It is so overimaged!

    I am loving contry life btw ;)

    This tune is so lovely so now I have to wait two minutes before hitting the "post comment" button....Hwo is it?

  16. Oh, I do love this post, that cardigan in the first image is gorgeous, such soft pretty colours, beautiful collage Lisa:)


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