Monday, 5 September 2011

autumn mood attempt

I'm trying to find something to get me into the autumn mood. When I lived in Iceland I loved September, I loved autumn. I thought the September issues would help but they haven't really. Even the children starting school again hasn't helped either!

It's official, on the European continent I've turned into a spring girl, I'm just longing for the cherry blossoms again.

By the way, I'll probably have a part two and three of my 'I heart Amsterdam' post. I was going through my photos and I've got plenty to share.

I hope this Monday will treat you well!

photo credit:
Justin Bernhaut for Country Living


  1. Dear Lisa,
    Autumn is my favorite season! I love this images you show us today!!!!!
    And thank you so much for linking back to me, it was a pleasure :-)!
    Have a wonderful day,

  2. I always find it so hard to say if I like the change to Autumn or to Spring better... I love Autumns colors deeply, but blossoms and Spring air are equally a good. Very glad that very soon we can grab our Niks and get to enjoy Autumns leafs to the fullest!

  3. It's a good attempt to make us fall in love with autumn. But I must say that I'm definitely a spring/summer child.. Definitely.

  4. I think this pics are really good, I love the autumn colours but I find hard to accept that it is almoast Autumn.
    Let me have a little more summer please :-)
    Love, Eliana

  5. I'm trying to get into my autumn mood too. It's not that difficult as it's still warm and I hope it will be a long autumn, with a smooth transition to winter. The lovely images you've posted just remind me of some of the beauties of this season. xoxo

  6. Oh, Lisa, how can you not get into mood for Autumn if you are in Belgium?.... I just love being there in September/October. It was always the time we went to Bruges for a short break, lots of walks around the city (or is it town? no idea...) and to absorb the charm and history... I miss it so badly (can't travel because I'm not prepared to leave my pupster with anyone else... )
    Hope you are going to enjoy the DVF book and, just to pile all kinds of thoughts in one long comment, I love German Shepheds, too, especially when they are puppies - they have these HUGE paws and are so adorable and cuddly.

  7. my favourite season but i'm clinging on to every last bit of this wonderful Summer.
    have you taken a stroll amongst fallen leaves? or bake something with cinnamon, that helps. :)

  8. I love the photos you posted but I still want summer, I still need to wake up in the morning, see the warm light and feel the sun on my face.

  9. Oh I love autumn so much - perhaps others posting beautiful fall photos will get you in the mood. Loving your autumn mood attempt!

  10. great photos. I love the colours!!! not sure if I'm ready for autumn yet, tho....

  11. Hi Lisa,
    Beautiful selection of images! In BTW your blog is lovely and full of inspiring posts. Keep up the great work and positive vibes. =(^.^)=

    Have a wonderful week! ♥

  12. really enjoyed reading your blog!

    following you now. keep in touch okay:)

  13. I am back from my vacation and was looking forward to visiting you again. Lisa,have you also lived in iceland? Wow! i think it was very cold. I love your collage inspiration. Autumn is my season..

  14. j'aime l'automne et ses couleurs...tes photos sont une belle invitation à apprécier cette saison!
    mais c'est vrai que les fraises du printemps sont très agréables aussi!


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