Thursday, 15 September 2011

autumn mood continued

That beautiful photograph of Jacqueline Kennedy actually appeared in the June issue of Vogue in 1962 but the colours are perfect for autumn. The dress is one of my favourite designs from the Valentino autumn 2012 collection. Throw in some love leaves and one page from Domino and voilà, you have an autumn mood collage.

Guess who rang the bell yesterday? Yes, it was the postman with an Amazon package of novels and DVDs and he couldn't have chosen a better day. I'm still resting in bed, luckily without fever. My coffee is on a tray next to me, the first time I drink coffee in bed (I'm definitely not the breakfast-in-bed type but this feels nice).

I hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Thursday!

photo credit:
top-left: Irving Penn for Vogue via Famous Fashionistas on Flickr
top-right: newivystyle on Etsy
bottom-left: Domino magazine via Pinterest
bottom-right: Yannis Vlamos for Vogue US


  1. Oh Lisa this is a beautiful colour board! That photograph of Jackie K is divine, I've not seen it before. Hope you're feeling better soon. Get well hugs from an old farmhouse in England - Glenda xxx

  2. I'm starting to get excited for fall, just a little bit. I've been thinking about making apple cider donuts. Not that I don't have enough other stuff to do, but I think one should always make time for baking. ;)

    Feel better soon!

  3. That's such a gorgeous photo of Jackie O! And you're right. It's perfect for fall inspiration. Hope you feel better soon, sweetie! xoxo

  4. Oh, sorry to hear you aren't still well. You know? i am also getting bad, so I hardly can work today... Take care.
    Lovely collage...i adore Jakie's style!

  5. Oh really :) No I didn't actually know that was how you found me (did you tell me?). Really happy you did though. Looking forward to the post!

  6. Enjoy your coffee and hope you'll be feeling better soon.

  7. Jackie looks fabulous with that scarf around her hair. This collage definitely feels like Fall, oh I love it. Hope your feeling completely better soon!

  8. my wishes for you to get better soon dear!

  9. That's dedication to blogging - unwell, in bed, but keep going no matter what. :) I had to do the same today - stay in bed with pc and my sweet companion (and a couple of his toys thrown in), but now I feel a bit better, so here I'm browsing blogs and updating mine.
    Love the picture of leaves with a love note so much! And the entire set is very beautiful.

    Take care, have plenty of sleep and get well asap.

  10. i love the pic with Jaqueline :)

    take care and recover quickly!


  11. Sexy Valentino outfit..hope those books helped your day along nicely!

  12. I hadn't seen the photo of Jackie before either, great find - I like the scarf.

  13. Breakfast in bed can get rather addicting --- hope you are feeling better and can enjoy the weekend! I bought a book the other day that is based on a letter discovered in JFK's library in which the CIA invigted Jaqueline to join them as a spy. The book is fiction of course, but apparently it hasn't been discounted that she could have worked for the CIA in some capacity. Should be an interesting read! But spy or not, she was definitely well dressed.

  14. Hope you're feeling better today, Lisa. Jackie Kennedy looks lovely, she was such a trend setter. Beautiful collage. Today there's a breeze of autumn in the air here, finally. xoxo

  15. i do hats, but scarves just don't work.

    ooh, look forward to hear which books and dvds.


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