Tuesday 13 September 2011

autumn mood & spring-conspiracy

Yesterday I didn't think of anything else but pumpkin pies, pumpkin soups, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin breads. Maybe I shouldn't have posted all those pumpkins! But the good news is that I was totally in the autumn mood, wearing knee high socks, sipping tea, eating pears … and yes, there was some chocolate too.

So this collage is my attempt to hold on to that mood while viewing the latest spring 2012 collections and fighting what I'm calling the spring-conspiracy of the Australian bloggers! In case you didn't know there is this beautiful country called Australia and this time of the year they are greeting spring. And believe me, those Australian bloggers are spring crazy right now, I'm telling ya!

Spring-conspiracy evidence: Here is Rachael at fabrik of life killing me with blue and white striped dress. Here is Wendy Paula at Mulberry Musings and her beautiful blossoms and twigs. Here is Rachel at Little Bits of Lovely and this bicycle with gorgeous flowers. And I have to add one other blogger in South Africa to this list: Lana at lanalou style is also going spring crazy in her posts, e.g. this one.

How are guys doing today? Got any blogger friends killing you with spring talk?

photo credit:
top-left: J.Crew
top-right: Simon Upton for Elle Decor
bottom-left: Leda Robertson at arise and rejoice
bottom-right: Sidney Morning Herald via Brabourne Farm
with a little help from Pinterest


  1. To tell you the truth, I am sad when the real fall comes (with lots of rain and less then 20 degrees), because I am a sun person, I just love the sun and the summer.But the way you describe it here, it seems so beautiful and the pictures are great!I'll just finish my work and go to buy an orange dress ;)))

  2. nice colour-inspiration Lisa :)

  3. Olá Lisa.
    I love the fall and their wonderful colors.Yellows,oranges and pumpkins fill the landscape .
    Here we are heading for spring,where the profusion of colors fill the soul.

  4. Yes spring is nice - but not when we have autumn ;o/
    Nice autumn collage you have put together ;o) Here in Denmark I'm flying - litterally - it so so windy today ;o)
    And I'm preparing for our online event tonight in our shop - people love chatting - winning stuff and getting good offers ;o) And all that is possible from 19.30 to 22.00 tonight - at Vintage-kompagniet ;o)
    Nice evening to you ;o))

  5. Yep, the Aussies are killing me with their fresh spring clothes and their pretty hairstyles and picnics! My family are also regularly updating me with how lovely the weather is in South Africa. Bummed. I'm kind of enjoying my pumpkin pies, hot chocolate and scarves though! Loved the colours in your collage!

  6. You know; I´ve never tasted pumkin anything! :-D It´s not that common in Sweden, but I´m curious..! :-)

  7. Yes, I know, it's so hard to fight this spring conspiracy from the Southern hemisphere. But I'm starting to look forward to autumn's arrival and all it has in store for us, because at 30+ degrees Celsius we can hardly call this fall, not even late summer. Beautiful collage! xo

  8. Haha I totally understand the spring conspirarcy from our friend's down under. But then I think all of us must torture them with our spring & summer high's so it's only fair to take it from them :) Luckily I happen to love fall so it makes it a bit easier.


  9. Well, here the warm weather continues even though the pumpkins are in the supermarkets. I can not feel such conspiracy...;-)

  10. Im doing great now after watching the photos in this post! :) aaaah i got so inspired and really got in autumn mode :) hi hi :)

    haha i stumble upon blogs talking bout spring and showing off spring outfits all the time, i just have to block it all out and embraaaaace fall;)

  11. After our summer i am just embracing autumn in a huge way - love the colours of autumn so much - its the depths of winter that really scare me - Brrrr x


  12. i do have some australian bloggy friends ... and its so weird! spring-conspiracy is the right description to the situation!

    love your choise of pictures : )

  13. Hi Lisa, but just to make everyone feel better it just started raining, again! That's Melbourne weather for you. Funny, I actually prefer the cooler months because of the rich colours... it is a bit weird posting about our coming spring/summer and reading overseas blogs about gorgeous winter things!
    You know I'm going to love that bookcase in the last picture with all those books to read and the wall of frames - lovely!

  14. Thanks for the mention Lisa! Sorry to torture you with the spring inspiration but I do love spring so!xx


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