Wednesday, 14 September 2011

bathroom inspiration

One day, when we are living in a permanent home in Belgium or wherever, I'm going to have a really nice and cosy bathroom. Yes I am! The walls will very likely have white panels and a beautiful wallpaper or contrasting paint, there will be an antique looking sink and a beautiful mirror, preferably white, an open shelf with soft towels, French soaps, bath salts and .... yeah I think that's about it. Luckily my hubby is also a carpenter and knows exactly what I want and it so happens that we are both after the cosy bathroom look. Do you have a dream bathroom?

Today I'm taking it easy in bed. I have a slight fever and I hope that with a good rest it will be a 24-hour thing. Enjoy your day everyone!

PS. Later today I may post the spring 2012 collection from a particular designer. I'm so enjoying following the New York Fashion Week. Are you?

photo credit:
#1 row left: unknown source via Pinterest
#1 row right: Lisa Romerein for House Beautiful
#2 row left: via Better Homes and Gardens
#2 row right: Francesco Lagnese for House Beautiful
#3 row left: via Mirabeau
#3 row right: via Design*Sponge
#4 row left: Stacey Brandford for Canadian House & Home
#4 row right: Keith Scott Morton for Country Living


  1. Gorgeous bathrooms! Sorry to hear that you´re sick too, I´m in bed as well. Darn those germs! :-P

  2. the 3rd one is very like the bathroom in our old house. we had a victorian property and put in a large victorian sink and rolltop bath tub. we had a slightly darker muted blue on the walls.

    love that mirror in the 2nd pic.

  3. Hope you're feeling better... I like those taps in the 6th bathroom and the B&W colorway... but actually I do like the Yellow wallpaper bathroom also...sure to wake you up in the morning!
    Fashion week anywhere is great isn't it?

  4. I love the first bathroom! I wish it would be mine ;-)!
    Have a wonderful day,

  5. Gorgeous, Lisa! I would love some of these elements in my bathroom, too. Hope you feel better soon, darling! xxx

  6. Hey Lisa! Isn't it the best remedy to just look at beautiful spaces and daydream of your perfect sanctuary? Hope you find that soon =)

  7. So lovely bathrooms - I like them all ;o) I also dream about redecorating my bathroom ;o)
    Hope you get well soon ;o))

  8. I hope you feel better soon Lisa, bed is the best place and lots of hot drinks:)
    The bathrooms are gorgeous, I too love a cosy bathroom sanctuary.
    Take good care:)
    Wendy xo

  9. I'm sick too! It must be the Antwerp bug! :-) Thank god for beauty, it really soothes me when I'm feeling under the weather. Love your posts on interiors and fashion week!

    x E.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Get well soon! These bathrooms are gorgeous, Lisa! My dream bathroom would have something from the 1st (all the white and worn out furnishing), 3rd (the floor)and 5th (the ladder and a touch of grey) images and that chandelier in the last one. How fabulous would it be? xoxo

  11. Oooh sorry your feeling feverish, hope it'll pas soon! Despite that you've shared some gorgeous bathrooms oh my. I love the cozy look. You're so lucky your hubby is a carpenter and wants the same thing;) I love lots of white in a bathroom, the light blue very much too... I'd love to not have a messy bathroom but a very clean and tidy one. With small lighting spots in the ceiling and a closed small cabinet for the stash of products haha.

  12. Get well soon, Lisa! I have almost finished the work to my bathroom: it is light pink with dark purple. However, because it is not the dream bathroom, I mean the surface is not so big, I could not chose those dream bathtub in the 1st and 4th pictures inserted by you.

  13. Simply lovely, Lisa! Get well soon and enjoy your fashion session. Lots of kisses

  14. get better soon :)

  15. Oh boy, the lovlieness is too much ♥
    Thos two first images together would be my dream bathroom! I just wonder why they didnt go for pink tiles and yellow walls, I hear that is the trend..?

    Feel better soon dear :)

  16. Top left is my favourite, and I also love the ladder type shelf. Hope you feel better soon. x Sharon


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