Tuesday, 6 September 2011

big jumps

Today I'm cheating on autumn with spring – sorry autumn but you'll simply have to wait, this girl isn't ready to embrace you! So, what's the best way to cheat? Spring 2011 fashion … oh yes … gorgeous colours and patterns worn so happily by model Sandra for the March issue of Elle Turkey. This fun editorial was photographed by Tamer Yilmaz in Beirut and styled by Melis Agazat. To this equation I'm adding the fabulous Icelandic singer and songwriter Emiliana Torrini with her song Big Jumps. That's what I call cheating.

I've been so busy lately and ahead is another busy day, as I'm getting ready to bicycle to the city centre to take care of a few things. Later today I'm hoping for a quiet moment with my latte to view all your beautiful blogs.

Make some big jumps today and maybe join me in cheating on autumn!

photo credit:
Tamer Yilmaz for Elle Turkey

YouTube: Emiliana Torrini / Big Jumps


  1. On a day like today (grey, rainy, cold) this was just lovely. Such a happy story.
    Have a great day!

  2. colorful dresses and long legs... i can do something about the first one. not much for the other ; )

  3. The beautiful September days we'be been having make it easier for me to cheat on autumn. And this colourful editorial only adds up to my happy mood. Have a wonderful day, Lisa! xoxo

  4. Ahhh I love the way the clothes flow with movement. I've been craving chunky knits and trenchcoats (I'm with you on the Burberry!) but those images have me dreaming of flowing skirts. Sorry autumn, I'm a fickle lover!

  5. Those yellow platforms are the best :)
    I love autumn, but maybe those could make me reconcider!

    And I love your Amsterdam shots, makes me long back there. It is a great city isn't it?! Looking forward to part 2 and 3 ;)

  6. i love that dress with flower and the polka dot is so much fun!!!

  7. You are absolutely right, we should cheat in Fall. A little;) What a happy song and so appropriate for this editorial. I remembered it, gorgeous photo's. That yellow dress is divine.

  8. I m so desperately trying to cheat autumn these days :P

  9. Oh such a fun editorial; loving the vibrant colours and all of those shoes are divine! xx